EMC had undergone a large organisational change process involving the recruitment of key talent from outside their company. With a new structure in place, EMC wanted to secure their ‘Succession Plan’ with a leadership development programme for their top managers.


Impact Italia were asked to design and deliver a programme for this talent pool that would engage new and old employees, leverage internal knowledge and drive the business forward. Acting as a shadow team to the existing board the participants must:

  • Develop the ability to act as an integrated and coordinated top team
  • Develop a strong business mindset coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and an outlook that EMC is ‘my own company’
  • Maintain high levels of personal enthusiasm, motivation and self engagement

Impact worked with key stakeholders throughout the process; initially working in close relation with the HR Director and the Board to establish a set of expected leadership behaviours that are required to be an effective member of the Italian Board Team.


‘For us, the first important result is that 20% of the programme participants had achieved a Top Management position within six months.

Furthermore all participants have developed a new cooperative way of working thus helping the company to overcome interdepartmental barriers.

We really appreciate Impact’s flexibility as well as their ability to manage a complex programme following both individual and organisational needs.’ - Nicola Pozzati, HR Director