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We operate 17 offices across the globe, and keep growing strong. 

We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual organisation delivering to clients on a global scale. Explore our locations below.

Australia - Sydney
China - Shanghai
Hong Kong
Ireland - Dublin
Italy - Milan
Italy - Rome
Japan - Tokyo
New Zealand - Auckland
Poland - Warsaw
Thailand - Bangkok
UK - London
UK - Windermere
USA - Boulder
USA - Miami
USA - New York
USA - San Francisco
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Visit our Miami office
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languages used to deliver our solutions
clients worldwide spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors
offices worldwide from Lake Windermere to Manly Beach
countries in which our programmes are delivered each year
talented like-minded people worldwide and a further 100 retained associates

Working with Impact can best be described as an ideal partnership. We found them to be extremely creative with some of the most unique experiential learning available. Most importantly, we learned from and greatly admired all of their global staff.