Lendlease are an international leader in property and infrastructure. Founded in Australia, Lendlease now operate in around 30 countries and employ 13,200 people worldwide. Impact worked with Lendlease to redesign their flagship global programme to ensure it was meeting business, economic and social needs.


To redevelop a much-loved global program and to incorporate health & wellbeing, personal development and community involvement.

To create a sustainable and enriching personal development experience with real activities and consequences.

To support community partners’ sustainable development by building their skills, knowledge and confidence and to leave a positive legacy in a community.


Springboard is a five-day personal development program. Participants spend two-days learning about their strengths and reflecting on their personal goals and two days working with a community partner. We run 8 Springboard programs during a given year. During this time we work with a community partner on six, long term individual projects.


Post program participant reviews show.

  • 97% agree Lendlease is committed to employee development (up 45%)
  • 95% view Lendlease positively (up 33%)
  • 92% are committed to Lendlease (up 23%)

Note: Statistics based on survey results from participants 2008-2015

Total respondents = 1135

'The best thing about Springboard is that it delivers an array of benefits. It builds confidence and leadership, enhances collaboration and team building skills, helps delegates deal with change, and develops greater self-awareness.' - Sonia Higgins, General Manager, Group Social Sustainability and Global Head of Foundation.