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We have worked in the sector for over 40 years, designing and delivering bespoke, award-winning programmes for organisations including Forvia, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota. If you're looking for help with driving a culture of innovation, attracting and retaining a diversity of talent and managing the transition from traditional manufacturing to a workforce who can navigate future change - get in touch.

World from above

Shaping the future of automotive

Hitting electrification mandates, managing economic pressures, geopolitical tensions and navigating changing consumer behaviour is a huge challenge for all players in the automotive sector. When you’re faced with ZEV targets, legislation and supply chain disruptions thinking about your own organisational culture and people can feel impossible. But there’s an ever pressing need to move from traditional manufacturing to new skills required for advanced technology.

You don’t need all the answers. But you do need to attract and retain the leaders, teams and employees who can navigate the changes and drive innovation. Learning and development programmes need to do more than keep your workforce up-to-date with the latest technologies and processes. Organisations choose to work with Impact to help their leaders thrive, ensure change is embraced and talent is engaged. Watch the story of Forvia's award winning programme below, or scroll down for more examples of our work in the automotive sector, including Carview and Jaguar Land Rover.

Working with you

Results across the automotive sector

Business ROI: A 131% stock market value increase in the two years following 2000+ managers participating in a development programme.

Empowering leaders: 80% of leaders improved their ability to include and trust their teams and reduce micro-management. 

Early talent: 14% improvement in graduate competency levels when measured against their internal behavioural framework.

Collaboration and innovation: communication between departments became easier and more effective, with a sense of solidarity among managers.

Strategic planning: "There's a real sense of us identifying, connecting, and working together as an Executive Team. We left feeling collectively excited and energised in the significant work that has been progressed to shape the future direction for our business."


The days where employees follow a single leader are gone. The growing need for new skill sets means you need to attract and retain a diversity of talent, managing the transition from traditional manufacturing to a workforce who can navigate the changes and drive innovation.

Our consultants will work with you to understand your long-term strategy and short term tactical actions. Only when we have understood what you need to succeed in this challenging landscape will we propose a custom programme strategy. Your leaders, teams and talent will engage in a training journey that is hands-on, impactful, and focused on delivering tangible outcomes—benefitting both individual growth and your company’s progress.

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