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Change management

You can't change organisations without changing people. Impact help you make change management a change for everyone, as the more people are involved in why change is needed, the more they'll take ownership for making it happen.

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Organisations don’t change, people do

Only one in three change management initiatives succeed. Most fail because they approach change as if it was an organisational characteristic. But change is a deeply human process.

Organisations who achieve long-lasting results are those that recognise change is a learning process – people learning to work differently or learning to do different work.

The more people are involved with, understand, and embrace your organisational purpose, your reasons to change and what you hope to achieve, the more they will opt to take personal ownership for the future of your organisation. Sustainable change happens when you build a learning culture that puts people first, gives them a voice and the skills to learn and innovate. People own what they create - if they are involved in creating the culture, it will thrive.  

We consult, we question and only then do we suggest a solution. For a change initiative to be successful, you need individuals to feel aligned to your purpose so that they want to take personal ownership for making change happen.   

We start with our consulting framework to understand your challenges. We then work in collaboration with you to question, analyse and review. Once we have this information we are able to propose a custom experiential learning solution that will engage your people in the process and ensure lasting change in your organisation.

Ready to find out more?

In nature change is a constant, a necessity. Partner with us and together we can enable your organisation to make transformational change a part of its nature. Use the links below to find out how we've worked with clients on their organisational change journey. 


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Change Management

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Change Management
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Our awards

Year after year, we continue to be acknowledged for the quality and effectiveness of our partnerships with clients and for our own work on building Impact as an organisation worth working for.

2023 Top 20 leadership training
Top 20 Leadership Training Company 2023

For the 13th year in a row, Impact has been recognised as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company in 2023. We are delighted to be included in this exclusive community of top-notch providers for learning and development solutions.

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Ecovadis gold award
EcoVadis 2023

EcoVadis assess how well companies’ have integrated the principles of sustainability into their business and management systems. Their analysis positions Impact in the top 5% of our industry, retaining our gold rating for another 12 months.

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