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Conversations that Count with Modulaire Group

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Conversations that Count was designed to support Modulaire Group leaders to develop the behaviours, both in themselves and in their teams, that will help create a positive impact on safety, customer service solutions and profit across each of their Strategic Business Units. When individuals understand what is expected of them, they can perform at their best, contributing to the organisational vision and driving improved business metrics through everyday business practice.

The application of skills from the programme has provided the foundation for leaders to create a learning culture in which their talent can thrive. And through practical application of these new skills, Modulaire Group leaders have created business projects that to date have delivered €1 million of measurable performance and growth improvements against key metrics.

Modulaire Group is the modular services and infrastructure market leader in  Europe and Asia Pacific. Their aim is to create smart places for people to live, work and learn.  Working in partnership with their customers, they design and deliver innovative  and sustainable solutions. They have started to transition to a net zero economy with a vision to deliver sustainable benefits to their customers, the environment and society by minimising resource consumption and operating in ‘circular loops’ to reuse, reconfigure and recycle.

Modulaire Group’s Executive Committee and Human Resources Leadership Team used insights from existing talent management practices and internal metrics to focus on how to deliver a programme that would accelerate both the growth and development of the business and individuals.

Two main aims emerged for this targeted leadership programme:

  1. To be a key enabler for the business to achieve its growth aspirations, and;
  2. To create a learning culture in which talent development would be embedded as a critical success factor. 

Participants used Impact’s digital learning app, air™, and Microsoft Teams to complete the virtual programme in four phases over eight weeks. This included real time facilitator-led classes, group-led circle meetings and self led learning.

The programme enables senior leaders to:

  • Structure and hold effective performance management conversations.
  • Lead ‘pull’ and ‘push’ conversations that result in a positive behavioural change.
  • Drive a high performing team culture.
  • Create a positive impact on business performance and sustainability goals.
  • Create wider networks, and greater cooperation through experiencing the programme together.

The programme was delivered in a respectful and open way with the aim of challenging participants to interact in a more purposeful way with positive outcomes at the centre of their thinking.

Programme success is attributed to:

  • A clearly phased programme that builds confidence and capability in challenging colleagues and having courageous conversations.
  • Practical skills application as participants develop a net positive sustainability business project.
  • Self-ownership to ensure individuals and the group complete the programme and tasks within a fixed timeframe.

Conversations that Count has exceeded expectations. The leadership programme has been widely adopted, meaning that the language used has become common across the organisation, embedded into the ways of working and culture of the business.

It has also contributed to key organisational growth targets, through the practical business projects participants are challenged to identify, develop and deliver using their new conversational skills. Senior leaders from across the world presented their business projects to Modulaire Group’s Executive Committee with exceptional results:

  • The top six business projects have the combined potential to generate €1 million of value through revenue generation or cost savings through better lead generation, old unit sales, targeted after sales and new products/services.
  • The winning project from Poland helped reduce waste produced within the country by 90% in eight months. This also provided a significant cost saving by recycling, reusing, repairing or refusing waste.

"The value that this programme has added has been incredible to see. The number of colleagues who continue to talk about the importance of Conversations that Count and the examples we see and hear of people applying the skills they have learned shows how important linking learning to business performance is."

Sean, Group HR Business Partner
Modulaire Group

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Group HR Business Partner
Modulaire Group
"The value that this programme has added has been incredible to see. The number of colleagues who continue to talk about the importance of conversations that count and the examples we see and hear of people applying the skills they have learned shows how important linking learning to business performance is."
Modulaire Group
"The 'conversations that count' talent programme is a great opportunity to improve the understanding of our business with a broader perspective, to work with new people and to learn from them and to develop new leadership skills."
Modulaire Group
"The 'conversations that count' programme was a very good time of reflection on my own behaviour and on my day to day interactions with my colleagues. Applying the recommendations in meetings I attended since has made a noticeable difference."