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Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing at work is not just about helping individuals to manage their personal wellbeing and effectiveness; it's also about organisations looking at their working culture and environments. Is it time to transform your organisational approach to wellbeing in the workplace?

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Wellbeing is about thriving, not just surviving

For people to perform at their best, they need to feel like they are thriving, not just surviving. Who owns this responsibility in your organisation - individuals, or leaders?  

Human-centred organisations who cultivate working cultures and create psychologically safe spaces, outperform those that don’t. In these workplaces employees can bring their whole selves to work, feel a sense of belonging, and develop the abilities for resilience and personal wellbeing. Individuals should feel valued and integral to an organisation’s success, no matter the job role, and a work-life balance is crucial for the wellbeing of employees.  

By working to transform the quality of human-to-human exchanges, organisations can help people to respond positively to the pressures of work and life.

As individuals and employees, we are increasingly busy both in and out of work. There is increased pressure to deliver more in less time and with fewer resources. Wellbeing is so important to counteract these pressures.  

Impact brings wellbeing to the heart of your organisation, working with both your organisation and your employees. We take this comprehensive approach as wellbeing is not just about helping individuals to manage the increased pressures of today’s working environment; it is also about organisations looking at their working culture and environments.

At an organisational level, we work with you to scan, disrupt and create in order to develop high-performance environments that are great places to work. 

With individuals, we start by helping people to develop their awareness. By becoming more aware of their current performance and potential, individuals can explore how they respond to stress and unlock capabilities that can positively influence their wellbeing.  

Whatever your organisational or people development needs, our promise to you is that wellbeing will be considered in the design of all our programmes. It is often woven throughout the content as a cornerstone of personal performance.

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Wellbeing at Work

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