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Leadership development for a more inclusive hybrid world at PGIM

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OutLEAD is a customised, global and cross-business virtual experience that enables leaders across PGIM to help others reach their full potential and deliver on the business strategy.

Ten-months into the pandemic, the implications of how Covid-19 had fundamentally changed the world of work were becoming clear. PGIM recognised the need for a global solution that would help them address the unique business challenges that this new context presented, such as leading in a virtual/hybrid work environment.

Collaborating with PGIM, Impact conducted interviews with select global senior leaders to determine the internal business challenges, as well as the external conditions impacting employee expectations for wellness. This included mental health, increased action on equity and inclusion, and the need for leaders to focus on empathy and listening.

The OutLEAD programme’s learning objectives included:

  • Increased capacity for leadership action as distinct from technical expertise or management
  • Ability to lead with inclusivity and empathy through deep listening and a desire to understand
  • Ability to make agile leadership decisions in service of strategic business needs
  • Ability to role model appropriate orientation to risk and failure in order to release the potential of others
  • Skill and fluency in sharing timely and actionable feedback

OutLEAD is a six-week global and cross-business blended programme that is self-driven and personal. It is offered either in-person over three days or virtually over six weeks, to leverage the power of a hybrid work environment. The programme’s content is shared in short virtual sessions, combining a mixture of self-led and instructor-led learning experiences.

A key focus of the programme is to develop inclusivity and to help others reach their full potential, with a red thread of empathetic leadership running throughout the experience. This red thread begins with EQi, an emotional intelligence self-assessment, and weaves through a number of tailored sessions and experiences. For example, an anonymous ‘exclusion experience’, known as ‘In My Shoes’, provides participants with insight into the experiences of a range of their diverse colleagues at PGIM. Guided reflection surfaces personal reactions, including empathy and a sense of curiosity about others.

An emphasis on peer-to-peer development is provided in small learning circles, self-sustaining peer coaching sessions, and a peer-led development centre. In the latter, participants rotate through the roles of learner and assessor as they encounter custom PGIM leadership scenarios.

The programme won a coveted gold Brandon Hall award for the Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Programme and silver for Best Advance In Leadership Development. 

92% of participants agree that OutLEAD provided them with timely development regarding the leadership attributes needed in the current remote/hybrid work environment and that they will leverage these new learnings in their role.

90% agree that the programme provided awareness regarding the purpose and culture they want to create as a PGIM leader.

92% of respondents agree that they have a better understanding of their responsibility to create psychological safety and the impact it can have on inclusion.


  • Brandon Hall Group Leadership Development Gold Award 2022

Brandon Hall Gold Award Leadership 2022






  • Brandon Hall Group Leadership Development Silver Award 2022
Brandon Hall SIlver Award 2022 Leadership
See what our customers say about us
Barbara Fuchs
Vice President, PGIM Talent Management
“Six cohorts into the programme and I could not be more optimistic about the capability of our PGIM leaders to take us into the future.” 
“Executed really well, I thought the interaction across the PGIM businesses was fantastic. A great way to meet others but also share similar experiences.”