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RACER is a handy acronym that embodies how we show up in our work with clients and how we are with each other every day.

Authenticity means being who you are

We know that all organisations are unique; they are collections of beautiful individuals with their own history, culture, needs and preferences intersecting with an organisations purpose, history and journey.

Impact is unique

RACER is five characteristics of who we are that, when taken together and when blended with our history, our purpose and our unique journey, expresses our authentic self.

We combine a sense of Responsibility, a sense of Adventure with a commitment to Customise everything we do with our unique clients, using our beautiful Experiential learning expertise to deliver Results.

One of the things we are committed to is authenticity, being who we really are.

But too many organisations are under pressure to conform, to be familiar, to be safe.

It's hard to be different sometimes.

But we can't and shouldn't deny the need for all organisations be their authentic selves, to stand out.

And, especially these days to stand up.

Internally this means we are responsible employer, committed to seeing our business as an adventure, treating people as uniquely beautiful individuals, framing careers as journeys of action so that we can be successful in the widest sense for each other.

RACER is who we are and how we are.

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear

George Addair