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Accelerated leadership at Pepsico

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PepsiCo are a leading global food and beverage company. Their products are available around the world and their portfolio includes 22 brands. PepsiCo and Impact worked in close partnership to develop two innovative leadership programmes with the aim of growing a strong and sustainable talent pipeline for PepsiCo’s key managers and leaders.

High potential development through two state-of-the-art global programs, providing a standardized and effective framework for key talent development and growth across PepsiCo.

PepsiCo and Impact worked in close partnership to develop two innovative leadership programs geared toward growing a strong and sustainable talent pipeline for PepsiCo’s key managers and leaders.

Two teams were formed, each consisting of Impact consultants and PepsiCo regional and functional representatives. One of these was responsible for Acceleration Leadership Programme-I – a program aimed at talented directors and managers of teams; the other, Acceleration Leadership Programme-II – targeting more senior leaders with the potential to step into VP positions. The mission of each team was to deliver an engaging and state-of-the-art global development program that would provide a standardized and effective framework for key talent development and growth for each target group across PepsiCo.

PepsiCo was in the process of a major transformation, which leveraged the scale and reach of the organization in a matrix that enables collaboration and cooperation to improve innovation, operational efficiency and sharing best practices. Harmonization of key talent programs ensures a pipeline of leaders who have a common development platform, a strong network across the business and an enterprise mindset, which will enable them to work effectively across the globe within PepsiCo’s new operating model.

Impact and PepsiCo worked closely to agree and deliver a harmonized solution that leveraged the best tools available from the existing 32+ high-potential programs, as well as external best practice and Impact’s own innovative experiential learning methodologies. Each program had to be scalable for global delivery, relevant and applicable regardless of location or function, while having some flexibility built-in for local customization.

Impact facilitated a three-day design workshop for senior HR representatives from each PepsiCo region to initiate a design and development process that would incorporate best practice from the existing programs across the business.

Two sophisticated, intensive and interactive multi-modular programs were created, Acceleration Leadership Programme-I and -II, incorporating both virtual and face-to-face elements. Both programs are separate entities encompassing different methodologies, yet each provides a consistent and comprehensive learning system to accelerate development of key talent across PepsiCo. Each program is fully documented for internal delivery, with implementation guides, facilitator guides and all materials.

These programs are part of the global leadership curriculum and are intended to help key talent to accelerate his/her leadership development for a successful career in PepsiCo. They learn from each other and from Senior Leaders, as well as from external facilitators who present thought-provoking content.

The ALP programs develop a powerful network for development through leveraging trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with peers and leaders during and after the programs.

The current Acceleration Leadership Programme-I and -II (ALP-I and -II) implementations are helping PepsiCo to secure the leadership pipeline needed for continuous business growth. With their new operating model, it greatly emphasizes developing leaders of tomorrow to have a global mindset and to be very collaborative as they shift to a matrix organization.

Since The program was piloted and implemented, PepsiCo has rolled out 11 accelerated leadership programs for High Potential individuals. This includes 6 middle managers called ALP-I, covering a total of 168 of High Potential managers, and 5 High Potential Directors and Sr. Directors called ALP-II, for a total of 107 of High Potential Directors and Sr. Directors. Going forward we anticipate an additional 195 High Potentials to go through ALP-I and 185 High Potentials to go through ALP-II.

When the programs were first created the goal was to achieve a 4/5 overall satisfaction score. All 11 programs that have run have seen overall satisfaction scores of at least 4.7/5. The highly positive reactions by the participants to the programs demonstrate the impact the program is having in our future leaders, and we anticipate similar results in the future. 

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"Coaching for Success can help build the organisation dynamics as well as the manager’s skills to improve team performance by using GROW and PRO techniques."
"Coaching for Success is a very good topic which helps our managers increase their ability to coach and challenge."
Sara Shea
Head of Organisation Development
Farmlands Co-operative
“We have seen a significant shift in leadership capability and subsequent impact on organisational performance. Leaders have the confidence, skills and belief to lead their teams through change. This programme has also made a significant difference in raising awareness about the wellbeing and resilience of individual leaders and the important role they play in supporting our people, particularly through business transformation.”