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Leadership development for transformation at Forvia

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Impact has designed and globally delivered Forvia's ambitious new training initiative in line with their cultural shift project.

Over 12-18 months, the uniquely designed solution, ‘Drive’, develops leadership competencies and embeds behavioural change.

The programme involves a dynamic mix of face-to-face experience, virtual experiences, and digital and social learning.. F2f modules bring colleagues from all around the world to three learning hubs; Nanterre, France; Detroit, US; and Shanghai, China.

Launched in 2016, Drive developed more than 2,000 managers globally in its first two years. Drive has won awards for its innovative approach to delivering new knowledge and practically applying that knowledge to build new skills and capabilities.

In a VUCA world, with megatrends like autonomous and electric cars transforming the automotive industry, Forvia needs to shape a new era by reinforcing its strengths and developing new capabilities to meet market opportunities. To do this, leadership competencies need to be transformed to enhance innovation, agility, autonomy, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

While developing their leadership culture in 2015, Forvia decided to create a wide-scale global leadership development program for managers and leaders.

Drive is a world-class programme uniquely designed to accelerate a companywide cultural shift by providing professional and career development for managers. It boosts leadership competencies, building the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to foster and deploy the new Forvia culture.

Drive is a custom-created global solution that develops leadership competencies and embeds behavioural change. Experiential, challenging and reflective methods help participants explore skills outside of their usual comfort zones and leave with new skills, including:

  • Understanding and flexing their authentic leadership style
  • Empower their team for an even better team performance
  • Strengthen communication skills for more impact
  • Lead change effectively to accelerate transformation
  • Foster creativity within teams to solve complex issues

Drive is a blended leadership development solution comprising core face-to-face and virtual modules, with a subset of elective modules. Participants make use of distance learning tools, with every module having a digital pre-work and a ‘virtual classroom’ element with their facilitator two weeks before the f2f module. This element introduces concepts and gives participants an opportunity to virtually pre-connect and collaborate with their global colleagues, expanding global networks,

Impact also created a robust ‘Learner Marketing’ strategy, materials and media to promote Drive internally and communicate successes globally.

The unique solution was designed in less than six months and deployed in three university hubs in 2016 to support Forvia in a time of business growth.

In the programmes’ first two years Forvia's stock market value increased by 131%, supported by the perfectly timed development programme where 2000+ managers completed modules.

Drive won a coveted silver excellence award from the Brandon Hall Group for ‘Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program’ in 2016.

The programme has been so successful in the EMEA and US regions that in 2017 the programme expanded to cover India, China, Brazil and Mexico. Between 2018 and 2020, about 7000 managers are expected to attend around the world.

Thoughts from a participant:

"The investment of the company encourages us enormously. Before, the courses were very academic, here it is completely different; there are many practical exercises and scenarios. Everything is done to raise awareness of our way of functioning on a daily basis."

Drive won a coveted silver excellence award from the Brandon Hall Group for ‘Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program’ in 2016.

See what our customers say about us
Armelle Savidan
Global Learning Manager
Forvia Faurecia
“Drive is the cornerstone of Faurecia’s cultural & leadership transformation. Curiosity, creativity and developing acts of leadership are critical to building the future.”
David Jestaz
VP Faurecia University
Forvia Faurecia
“Thanks to Drive, we boost our manager’s leadership competencies and they develop agility and flexibility and creativity to face the more open eco system in which we operate.”