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Team development

No two teams are the same, but you can equip them with the tools, mindsets, and capacity to ensure they perform to their maximum capability.  

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Better together

At the heart of all organisational performance is the ability for individuals to work effectively together. Simply putting able people together in a team does not ensure a high-performing culture.   

Impact sees team development as integral to building more human-centred organisations. We work with clients to transform the performance of mission-critical teams and to build effective team-working cultures across all levels of the organisation.   

All teams are made up of unique groups of individuals. All teams are brought together for a purpose. No two are ever the same. We will use our unique approach to work with you, and we start with a simple question:

What does this team need to achieve its purpose?

Our experience suggests that the answer is found between six interlocking factors that we identify in our Team Performance model. We assess where your team is operating through our Team Performance Inventory. We then work with your team to build the core capability of each individual to perform in a group setting.

Impact’s Team Performance Inventory is a diagnostic tool that offers a deep insight to help a team see its performance clearly. Using a detailed online assessment, it provides a comprehensive and collective analysis of the team’s assessment of themselves in terms of six key performance domains.   

The increased virtual-working landscape requires new teamworking skills. It is more important than ever to build trust and improve communication to accelerate efficiency and productivity. 

At Impact, we work with remote and hybrid teams to focus their attention on thriving in the new normal. We acknowledge that whenever a new team member joins, the team changes. We meet teams where they are and create unique learning experiences, both virtual and blended.  

The core capabilities of high-performing teams  

  • External alignment with key stakeholders, ensuring effective relationships and communication.  
  • Unified purpose that is clear, engaging, and transparent.  
  • Agreed approach to working together that is understood by all.  
  • Quality conversations and the ability to have effective meetings and learn from each other.  
  • Effective relationships maintained across the team, including having difficult conversations.  
  • High-performance mindset that is shared across the team with expectations that are defined.  

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Our Awards

Year after year, we continue to be acknowledged for the quality and effectiveness of our partnerships with clients and for our own work on building Impact as an organisation worth working for.

2023 Top 20 leadership training
Top 20 Leadership Training Company 2023

For the 13th year in a row, Impact has been recognised as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company in 2023. We are delighted to be included in this exclusive community of top-notch providers for learning and development solutions.

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Ecovadis gold award
EcoVadis 2023

EcoVadis assess how well companies’ have integrated the principles of sustainability into their business and management systems. Their analysis positions Impact in the top 5% of our industry, retaining our gold rating for another 12 months.

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