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Podcast: How to build and inspire teams

 Beat Calabretti
Published: November 21, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with Beat Calabretti, Global VP Talent at Barry Callebaut Group

How to build and inspire teams

Teams. We're all part of them. But what does it take to build a successful team? Is there a magic formula to inspire and lead teams?

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Beat Calabretti has been designing impactful culture and people strategies for over two decades. He has built and led teams across all organisational levels, departments, and regions in multiple industries from pharmaceuticals to agribusiness, hospitality to retail. Tune in to Beat’s conversation with Dan if you’re interested in nurturing a learning culture in a hybrid environment, or finding out what he considers to be the five key elements needed to lead a high performing team or if you're curious about the benefits of an experiential approach to team development.

Five key elements to leading a high performing team

Here are the five elements Beat lists – you’ll hear him explain more behind each point in the podcast.

  1. The leader needs to be clear on the purpose, the strategy and how to achieve their organisational objectives. It is critical that leaders can articulate and cascade strategy to all levels of the organisation.
  2. Accountability and responsibility for all things from governance to ways of working must be agreed within the team.
  3. Good communication is an absolute success factor. Leaders must be able to inform, provide feedback, and create a culture of psychological safety where people feel able to challenge and to support each other.
  4. Leaders must be able to manage the performance and the contribution of the team whilst building the capabilities necessary to achieve the objectives. 
  5. And that entails a learning culture, responding to change and doing it with a growth mindset, encouraging knowledge sharing and democratising information for the whole team.

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