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Podcast: What it takes to lead a high-performing team

David Cooper, Impact
Published: September 12, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with David Cooper, Senior Consultant, Impact

What does it take to develop a high-performing team?

At the heart of all organisational performance is the ability for individuals to work effectively together. Simply putting able people together in a team does not ensure a high-performing culture. 

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David Cooper (DC) joined Impact Americas in 2004 and has devoted a large part of his career to developing our proposition on team development. And as we’re experiencing a global increase in the number of requests to help teams work better together, there was no better person for us to ask about what it takes to develop a high-performing team. In this podcast, David and Dan discuss what we mean by high-performing teams, current trends across the world and why Impact’s Team Performance Model is so easily adopted by organisations.

There’s so much to take from this podcast… but we’ll share a snippet:

Top tip for improving team dynamics

Dan:  Can you give us one tip that people could implement immediately to improve a team dynamic?

DC:  Can I give two?

Dan:  Sure!

DC:  My first top tip is to be intentional about how you are building a team because we can do just as much damage with relationships as we can do good. Force an activity on a team and you could do a disservice to them. So having a conversation as a team about how to collectively come together as a group of individuals and what's going to be the best way to build relationships would be my first top tip.

I think the other one that came to mind is one that's a bit more insightful for teams out there…

To hear the second tip listen/watch the full podcast:

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