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Team development at the NHS

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Supporting a specialist NHS service team to form an award-winning, high-performance team, Impact deployed the team performance diagnostic tool and a series of facilitated workshops.

A specialist NHS service team brings together a diverse range of professionals, including nurses, dieticians, consultants, administrators, and a mix of relatively new and old team members.

The group faced many complex challenges and felt imbalances within their team. To address these issues the team needed help to reflect on how effectively they were working, with a view to identifying actions to improve the working culture by:

  • Strengthening existing working relationships.
  • Identifying team strengths and key focus areas for team development.
  • Building respect for others and the appreciation of diverse contributions.
  • Agreeing shared team ground rules and behaviours.
  • Promoting a climate of trust and support.
  • Committing to personal changes to support ongoing team effectiveness.

Impact facilitated a series of inputs, including diagnostic tools and facilitated workshops, to address the challenges that the teams were facing:

The first team development day used a series of experiential activities to build effective relationships, support quality conversations, evaluate team effectiveness and develop an agreed approach for the future.

The day was based around Impact’s diagnostic tool for developing high-performance teams, which helped the NHS team to build an informed action plan to leverage strengths and improve challenging domains.

The second team development day focused on facilitated discussions and break-out groups to explore aligned purpose (relating this to processes, roles and responsibilities) and measurement (focused on indicators of quality).

The workshops focused on the philosophy ‘people own what they create’. The NHS team co-created the change they needed, developing a shared purpose and direction that allowed the necessary changes to happen.

The team went on to win an NHS award for Outstanding Team category in the Trust’s Our Amazing People Recognition awards.

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Clare Rice
Team Leader
"The team have come a long way since we started our journey. I’m happy to say they are a productive, settled and fun team to work with and I’ve enjoyed my time with them. We worked on the areas the TPI report highlighted for us, we spent time on developing our relationships – and we grew more respectful of each other. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to gain those insights and improve our service.”