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Team development at Motorola

Red rocks


Motorola formed a business team in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and tasked them with taking responsibility for the growth of people and profitability, customer satisfaction and expenditure control in the region.

This programme was designed to support them in operating as a high-performing team and to immediately apply their energy and shared commitment to real business issues.

As a newly formed team, the group needed to develop key relationships and agree on a set of values and behaviours.

The team needed to be able to:

  • Embrace and drive change quickly and proactively
  • Move from transactional to transformational relationships
  • Recognise their own leadership responsibility
  • Share success and best practice
  • Develop a shared vision and a strategy to achieve it.

Impact proposed an exciting and engaging event incorporating all four stages of the learning journey: diagnostics, design, delivery and evaluation.

Initial 1:1 interviews determined individual objectives and success criteria. Impact then designed a real and metaphorical journey in the English Lake District. By sharing a memorable experience together, the team built relationships, agreed shared values and behaviours and decided how to implement their strategy.

A business planning session completed the event. The team discussed individual and team performance criteria and identified specific business projects that would make a real difference to the bottom line.

Since their ‘journey’ the team has made a significant and positive difference to the EMEA Services business. This is evident in better team morale, increased respect from other divisions and business improvements (in terms of revenue, cost containment and margin).

Impact facilitated a ‘mid term’ review giving the team the opportunity to assess performance against the original team commitments and actions. Since their initial event, the EMEA CS revenues have risen, per quarter by an average of 5% and additional service contracts have increased from 36% to 57% across the region.

See what our customers say about us
Chris Ranger
Director of Services
"In summary, a fantastically positive outcome for the EMEA Services Management team. We have improved business performance and enabled sales to exceed their targets as well as services targets in terms of contract attachment, contract revenues and deferred revenues. All of this has been done within the true spirit of co-operation and respect for each other."
Andy Fell
General Manager
"After a long working relationship with Impact in the UK, I was eager to engage them in my early days as the General Manager of Premium Financial Services. We ran two sessions, one for my leadership team and another with some of our outstanding talent. Both events were brilliant. As a participant and a leader I saw immense benefits on a personal and business level. We now have clarity of vision, purpose and direction along with a unique bond that will allow us to soar to new heights."
Aneta Trojanowska
Development Manager
“Impact worked with a group of 12 high potential managers from PLAY. The main objective was to support the participants to create their own development plans. Impact’s development centres are different; participants are part of the learning process, receiving regular feedback to help build a picture of ability along with identifying improvement areas. The project, which was professionally designed and delivered, ensured that each participant benefitted from opportunities for personal insight and learning."