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Leadership development for rapid transformation at Calder Stewart

Construction & Property
Transformational Leadership


The construction industry, like all industries, is undergoing significant change as businesses reset after covid 19. In order to remain relevant, Calder Stewart needs to evolve and broaden its services and solutions – fast.

Calder Stewart recognise that these changes would require a more integrated, service-orientated and agile approach to how they work with and deliver new solutions.

Furthermore, there is a need for collective leadership, as they prepare and motivate their people for emerging challenges and opportunities in a resource-limited and uncertain business environment.

With all these drivers in play, Calder Stewart highlighted the need for strong, clear and more consistent leadership practices at all levels. In particular, they identified the need for leaders to improve and develop people motivation skills, working in complexity, partnership building, navigating change, risk management, and developing a commercial focus.

Impact and Calder Stewart worked in partnership to develop a solution that would address the following objectives, which are organised according to the three-part structure of the programmes:

Leading self

  • Be at our best
  • Develop a growth mindset
  • Build trust and relationships

Leading teams

  • Build capability and knowledge in teams
  • Promote new and different thinking
  • Create a high-performance culture

Leading change

  • Manage performance
  • Promote a ‘whole of business’ focus
  • Communicate direction

Co-curated by Impact and Calder Stewart, the solution is divided into three layers of leadership: frontline leaders, mid-level leaders, and the executive leadership team. Common elements connect these layers together to ensure consistency in leadership.

The solution consists of 6–9 months of ‘guided’ learning and is structured into three phases:

  • Leading self
  • Leading teams 
  • Leading change

The phases comprise two-day learning events, a face-to-face launch, interactive virtual classroom sessions, feedback sessions, coaching, skill-building sessions, and review sessions.

In parallel with the programme modules, participants are tasked with working on real business projects. These projects address real issues and opportunities facing the business and demand that participants work through complexity.

They require an agile approach, strong communication, clear thinking and an appetite to innovate and test new approaches. Business projects jump-start strategic thinking to future-proof the business and foster new leadership capabilities. Projects are implemented into Business as Usual practices.

In 2022, the solution won a silver Brandon Hall award for Best Advance In Leadership Development

  • 100% of module 1 participants agreed or strongly agreed that they will be able to apply what they learnt at the workshop.
  • 100% of module 2 participants agreed or strongly agreed that the way the content was delivered helped them to learn.
  • 100% of module 3 participants agreed or strongly agreed that they are motivated to apply what they learnt at the workshop.

“Out of all the different training I've been involved with over the 30 years I've been at Calder Stewart, this would be one of the best, if not the best, that I have attended.” – Participant.

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calder stewart
“I absolutely loved this module, it created a lot of opportunities for learning and some really great discussions. As a group, it gave us a lot of insight into our strengths and development areas.”
calder stewart
“Out of all the different training I've been involved with over the 30 years I've been at Calder Stewart this would be one of the best, if not the best that I have attended.”