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Inspiring the management team at Sony

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Sony is a global manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for consumer and professional markets. Impact developed a unique two-day event to build international relationships and engage Sony’s HR managers.

Sony Europe’s HR managers meet annually to share information across the region. Impact were asked to create a challenging Community Action Learning (CAL) event to inspire the entire management team, building on Sony’s established commitment to working more closely with social enterprises to develop leadership potential.

Impact UK developed a bespoke Community Consultancy project for Sony, linking them with community partners with very different needs. 

Each CAL project required the HR managers to articulate and apply their skills and experience to benefit an inspirational social enterprise or charity. With only two days available, each team had to quickly agree priorities, share best practice and network effectively to complete the task.


The event provided the Sony HR managers with an increased appreciation of each other’s business and personal/social skills. As well as providing tangible results for all the community partners, the event has encouraged further networking between countries.

See what our customers say about us
Stephen Mason
Group Finance Director
"I am writing to say a big thank you for taking the time to give your excellent presentation to HCT’s chief officers. The succinct analysis that you produced of HCT and the challenges of its management team has given us some clear pointers and has focused thought processes. Our Chief Executive, declared the experience ‘Excellent!’.”
David Wambebe
CEO Ilderton Motor Group
"This initiative provided a great opportunity for community groups to foster new or better relationships with the private sector. I don’t think I am overstating the fact when I say that this is one CSR agenda that has worked and has provided tangible benefits for all concerned.”
Mark Faulkner
Projects and Placemenet Coordinator, UEL
"Their analysis was exceptionally useful in reaffirming the ideas and the future strategy that the Employability team are already working on, and will be a good leverage tool with senior management.”