BASF needed to prepare future leaders in 17 countries for critical leadership roles amidst changing business requirements and a competitive market landscape. The Asia Pacific Programme for Leadership Excellence (APPLE) development programme is an award-winning three-module leadership programme including immersive leadership challenges, VUCA diagnostic tools and a competitive strategy workshop.



The programme aims to enhance participants' leadership capabilities and capacities, equipping them with the self-confidence and capability to have a strategic perspective, be agile, embrace change, foster innovation and coach teams to achieve high performance. The programme enables participants to:

  • Reflect on how to manage complexity, both internally and externally
  • Understand BASF challenges, their market and competitors
  • Explore strategic approaches to managing change
  • Develop the capacity to demonstrate leadership behaviour in challenging situations

The three-module leadership programme incorporates innovative and challenging projects, along with in the moment coaching to provide 1:1 feedback and reflective follow-up based on the participants’ behaviour. Key elements include:

VUCA Q ® - an action-orientated diagnostic tool designed to inform, equip and guide leadership action.

War Games - a competitive strategy workshop where participants analyse BASF from the perspective of their competitors.

Immersive Leadership Challenges - uses a combination of real-life and fictional issues to create high-pressure, complex simulations.


The overall APPLE Development programme was recognised at the 2016 HR Excellence Awards, with a Silver award for Excellence in Leadership Development.

  •     100% would recommend this programme to others
  •     86% agreed that the programme objectives were achieved
  •     100% agreed the level of instruction is just right
  •     100% agreed instruction methods are very effective
  •     Overall programme rating: 4.71 of a 5 point scale