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Leadership development

It's time to reframe your thinking – developing great leaders doesn't rely on a specific type of person, great leadership comes from the actions that people are empowered to make. 

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Re-thinking leadership development

Uncertain times require a new and different way of thinking about leadership; relying on hierarchy and rigid processes does not work anymore.  

By taking a human-centered approach to leadership development, you can empower people to take the leadership action that is needed. People who can assess a situation, have confidence in their decision-making, flex easily and who understand the impact of their actions on others.  

At Impact, we frame leadership as a vital kind of action – a practical approach that can be learned and developed, not just a list of pre-determined qualities a leader might be expected to have. What makes our approach so unique is that it can be developed in anyone at any level. It can be applied in any context and to any challenge facing individuals, teams, or organisations.

At Impact we have a unique approach to leadership. We don't see it as a person, or as a position. We see leadership as a special and vital action.

We work with you and your organisation to move away from the traditional language of leadership development and instead promote the vital need to act. We help people understand how to take leadership action.

Creating a culture of leadership action isn't easy. If it was simple, then leadership skills would be developed by reading great stories of leadership and emulating inspirational leaders. It is through the quality of our leaders and the impact of their leadership action that we create the capacity for all our organisations to learn, adapt and grow. 

Our leadership development approach supports people across all levels of the organisation. We move people to take leadership action by engaging them with meaning, values and motive and aligning them to your purpose. Our approach builds new mindsets and instills collaborative behaviours. People become active learners, able to use what they know and to learn how to move organisational, team and individual performance forward.

Ready to find out more?

Leadership comes through exploration, adventure, and openness to experience. Use the links below to find out how collaborating with us will liberate the potential of your leaders so they can take your organisation to new places. Explore specific leadership contexts, discover client case stories and read some of our current thinking on leadership. 

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Executive teams that transform the organisation  

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Developing the leaders of tomorrow  

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Developing leaders to respond with agility to the challenges of rapid change. 

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Client stories and leadership articles

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Senior leadership teams: how to lead leadership

I mpact don’t view leadership as a type of person or a particular set of qualities; instead we understand leadership to be a special and vital form of action. In our opinion, it is only when someone...

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Creating connectedness in dispersed teams

In my earlier career in the west, I had the privilege of being physically located with most of the people I worked with. Clients were in different locations, sure, but the people I needed to help me...

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Emerging Talent

The role of feedback in human-centred organisations

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Our awards

Year after year, we continue to be acknowledged for the quality and effectiveness of our partnerships with clients and for our own work on building Impact as an organisation worth working for.

2023 Top 20 leadership training
Top 20 Leadership Training Company 2023

For the 13th year in a row, Impact has been recognised as a Training Industry Top 20 Leadership Training Company in 2023. We are delighted to be included in this exclusive community of top-notch providers for learning and development solutions.

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Brandon Hall Group Impact Migros Bank
Silver award for best unique or innovative leadership program

Migros Bank's program 'Leading for Growth' has supported the bank to embed sustainable change across the organisation. It won a Brandon Hall Group silver award for best unique or innovative leadership development in 2023.

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