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Liberating Human Potential

Impact liberate the human potential in organisations so that together we can solve the complex problems that challenge humanity. The people who will solve these problems are all around you, already working in your organisation. That's where we come in.

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We understand that organisations are unique and that culture and strategy come to life one person at a time.

We listen. We ask questions. We create powerful, experiential learning journeys that deliver results. Uniquely for you.

Together we can transform your culture, your people, your future.


We believe that organisations should be purpose-driven, human-centric places where people can thrive while making a positive impact in the world.
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We have worked with more than 400 companies worldwide

Our latest insights


Experiential learning: The human-centred approach

We believe experiential learning is the best and most effective way of learning and of learning how to learn, because if lasting change for our world starts with people, we need to take a human...

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Management Development

Why choose experiential learning?

Why choose experiential learning? What are the benefits for individuals and organisations? We asked the people who work at Impact to answer this in one sentence. See what they said.

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Sustainable Innovation

Podcast: Balancing profit, people and planet

A podcast on sustainability in big business. Can change, growth and sustainability go hand in hand? How can you grow your business and have a positive impact?

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Wellbeing & Personal Development

The (S)Tress Test: How to give feedback

Turning uncomfortable situations into constructive feedback At the start of my last meeting with my colleague Sammy our usual two minute catch up turned into a discussion you may well be familiar with...

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