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Podcast: Making business more human

Katherine Wasser
Published: November 7, 2023
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An In Good Company podcast with Katherine Wässer, Head of Purpose & Culture Transformation, Jaguar Land Rover

How to make human centred organisations

What do we mean by making a business more human? Why is it important? And how does a global organisation with more than 44,000 employees start to tackle the challenge?

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Step forward Katherine Wässer, who two years ago changed her career path to take on a brand-new role at Jaguar Land Rover as Head of Purpose & Culture Transformation. In this podcast, Katherine talks to Dan about making purpose meaningful, driving a global culture change initiative and why human-centred organisations are so important. Katherine also talks about burnout, career changes and dragon boat racing. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as Dan and Katherine do.

What does human centred mean to you?

“As humans, we're all products of the experiences we've had. We have emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Traditional business models are largely transactional and often don't recognise this about humans. Imagine if we saw everyone as an individual with their own strengths, passions, curiosities, and experiences. And just think what we could create with that. That's what human centred is – seeing the human and recognising what they can bring. Working with this kind of diversity would be way more meaningful. By being human centred, you've got an ability to create a growth mindset instead of a fixed one – and this is something that's essential with the speed at which the world is moving and changing. Businesses can't afford to stand still. You've got to have a dynamic, adaptive human centred workforce if you're going to survive and achieve in the modern day.”

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