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Emerging talent at Jaguar Land Rover

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) graduates benefitted from an intensive 24-month induction programme to integrate them into the organisation. Impact UK has worked with JLR for a number of years to deliver the leadership and team skills element of their programme.

Impact's interventions focused on increasing the graduates' capacity to influence, communicate, build relationships, innovate and achieve results in a challenging marketplace.

Six months into their graduate journey with JLR, the graduates came together for the leadership and team skills module.

This five-day intervention was held at Impact’s Lake District venues, and was designed to be an enjoyable yet challenging learning process that would:

  • Improve individual performance through understanding personal style
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • Build long-lasting relationships with peers
  • Drive career development by creating realistic learning action plans
  • Deliver excellent results to customers (internal and external)

Impact designed a programme of team working challenges, culminating in a large-scale community action learning project.

The graduates started exploring team skills in small groups. Following a facilitated review, they worked in larger groups. Impact built on this process until the group of 60 graduates were working effectively together on a truly unique learning challenge that delivered real benefits to a community partner – the Friends of the Lake District (FLD), a registered charity who promote the protection and conservation of the Lake District.

The graduates needed to draw on all the communication, influencing, client management, team working and decision-making developed during the course of the week in order to deliver on the following transferable actions:

  • How their own learning objectives were in line with JLR behaviours
  • How the consequences of their actions directly impacted the customer experience
  • How to take ownership for and best represent the JLR brand

The participants undertook four projects, widely used for recreation and conservation purposes. Including cutting two fire breaks through thick gorse, creating a pathway, replacing an old gate and repairing a dry stone wall.

The work to be completed by JLR volunteers in one day would otherwise take one year if undertaken by FLDs existing volunteer network.

In one year, JLR graduates demonstrated, on average a 14% improvement in their awareness and competency levels when measured against their internal behavioural framework.

"It was a very successful day. The Friends have not worked with such a big group before, but Impact's organisation of the day, the enthusiasm of the graduates and the support of the Friends' own volunteers meant a great deal was achieved."

Judith Moore, Friends of the Lake District


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Sailaja Maganti
West LB Delegate
West LB
"At Impact be prepared to look within. They can provide the key, but only you can unlock the door. What you'll find can enrich your life both personally and professionally. Release your potential...”
Severn Trent Water
"The practical projects made the programme memorable, fun and helped start discussions to develop other ideas."
Chris Ranger
Director of Services
"In summary, a fantastically positive outcome for the EMEA Services Management team. We have improved business performance and enabled sales to exceed their targets as well as services targets in terms of contract attachment, contract revenues and deferred revenues. All of this has been done within the true spirit of co-operation and respect for each other."