Accelerated Leadership at Pepsico

Leadership Development


PepsiCo are a leading global food and beverage company. Their products are available around the world and their portfolio includes 22 brands. Starting in April 2013, PepsiCo and Impact worked in close partnership to develop two innovative leadership programs with the aim of growing a strong and sustainable talent pipeline for PepsiCo’s key managers and leaders.


PepsiCo was in the process of a major transformation, which leveraged the scale and reach of the organization in a matrix that enabled collaboration and cooperation to improve innovation, operational efficiency and sharing best practices.


Impact facilitated a three-day design workshop for senior HR representatives from each PepsiCo region to initiate a design and development process. The Accelerated Leadership Programmes develop a powerful network that help to accelerate and sustain development through leveraging trusting, mutually beneficial relationships and informal networks with peers and leaders during and after the programs.


The current ALP-I and ALP-II implementations are helping PepsiCo to secure the leadership pipeline needed for continuous business growth. With their new operating model, it greatly emphasizes developing leaders of tomorrow to have a global mindset and to be very collaborative as they shift to a matrix organization.