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Executive leadership development

Build executive and senior teams that can lead and inspire change in your organisation.

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Senior executive teams that transform the organisation

Liberating the human potential in your people transforms organisations. Enabling everyone in the business to notice the need for and to take leadership action is essential. But you still need your senior leaders to ‘lead’ – to set the mission, vision, and overall strategy, and to catalyse and empower others to take action.  

With the right mix of strategic capability and skillset, this should come easily to your executive leadership teams. But how do they do it when the world around them is constantly changing and disrupting? While we cannot expect executive leaders to have all the answers, being comfortable with the level and pace of change is critical, and this requires agility, awareness, and belief in others. It’s imperative that you take the time to invest in your management committees, giving them the opportunity to nurture cooperation, enhance communication, and maximise teamwork.

Re-energising retreats

Senior leadership executive off-sites

There is a growing demand to bring senior leaders together in a face-to-face setting. Technology has enabled us to work in new ways which means executive teams are rarely on the same continent, let alone in the same room. The online fatigue caused by the pandemic is being compounded by significant transformation and disruption – from supply chain challenges and talent shortages to cyber-attacks and company mergers. Even the most resilient and highest performing leaders are starting to show burn out and many organisations are choosing to re-energise their leadership teams through immersive and impactful experiences.

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However you label these – whether it’s a C-suite executive retreat, a strategic off-site for a group of global senior leaders, or an away day to get a team of leaders from a particular function or unit together, Impact will partner with you to ensure you get the result you need.

The most effective off-sites are compelling experiences designed to motivate business-ready priorities and commitments, time together that builds camaraderie from action. The change of environment gives space for new perspectives to emerge, networking and collaboration to grow and provide a crucial break from routine, leaving your senior leaders feeling physically and mentally recharged. 

Our executive leadership solutions are custom designed for you. Your retreat may include one-to-one coaching, strategy development sessions, expert business facilitation, and real business challenges in experiential contexts. This engages and supports your executive leaders to:

  • Lead effective collaboration and communication  
  • Align people to a compelling purpose that goes beyond the company vision  
  • Liberate human potential, creating a high-performance culture of leadership action.

New ways of thinking are required to adapt and leadership teams need to be agile, responsive, innovative and ready to move forward with a collective resolve.

Effective, open and creative dialogue is a powerful mechanism to shape future vision, strategy and tactics. A skilled facilitator can help coach your leadership teams towards this level of dialogue - creating structures for exploration and decision making, challenging processes and behaviours and providing external perspectives and benchmarking.

Impact consultants work alongside your leaders, providing a powerful development experience that goes far beyond the immediate solutions that are generated. Your leadership teams will develop a unity, sense of common purpose and collective responsibility - helping them to create a sustainable future.

Like all providers, we will work with you to deliver your long term organisational benefits. We will help your senior executive leaders to improve strategic planning, enhance leadership capabilities, build stronger teams, and a culture of innovation.

But what makes Impact different are the honest and deep connections our consultants will foster and grow between and with these leaders. Our expertise comes with understanding what groups of humans need to build the trust to deliver at this level of C-suite leadership. 

This won't always be easy.

There will sometimes be genuinely uncomfortable moments. And we'll harness these, facilitating open and honest discussions that people can use to get a deeper understanding of themselves and each other. Impact’s expertise ensures our work with senior executive leaders feels fluid in structure, providing as little or as much input as is necessary, sharing new techniques, industry insights and reflecting on core themes - all purposefully timed to enable emergent thinking and collaboration so you achieve your goals.

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