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Leadership agility

We’re living in times of rapid change. Work with us to develop leaders and teams who can respond with agility to your organisation's challenges.

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Developing leaders to respond to rapid change

Agility is one of the critical core skills for leaders operating in today's business world. Leadership agility is the ability to react quickly with adaptive and decisive leadership action to successfully address real-time challenges.


The Impact Leadership Agility framework provides five key drivers for leaders to attend to, which will combine to develop core strength in adapting and responding quickly to disruption and rapid change.

  • Readiness and scanning: looking ahead and actively seeking information that will help leaders contextualise situations and anticipate future opportunities.
  • Awareness and self-management: finding balance in disruption by exploring personal orientation towards different situations.
  • Communicating and inspiring: providing information and guidance to help others understand the situation and its impact, as well as the objectives, actions and roles that are required to move forward.
  • Adaptive action: challenging leaders to broaden their thinking by taking a more holistic view of their current context, considering which leadership skill sets and behaviours are required.
  • Collaboration and integration: focused on action that connects people, systems, and the organisation as a whole.

All our solutions are designed and driven by Impact's unique experiential learning model, delivered by world-class facilitators, and constructed through our proprietary solution mapping process, which ensures a design that is customised to your organisational context and learning objectives.   

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