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Future leaders

High-potentials, graduates and apprentices - Impact's future leader programmes develop your early careers talent and help you see the person behind the stereotype.

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Developing the leaders of tomorrow  

Over the next few decades, the rising generation of future leaders will be leading our organisations through radical change. Fostering and focusing on this talent does not just future-proof your organisation – it allows you to create the future.  

Organisations need to reshape the ways in which they attract, retain and reward future leaders, enabling them to remain agile, innovative and a step ahead of the competition. Equipping future leaders with the skills, mindsets, and behaviours to drive their own learning and take responsibility for their development is critical. 

We know that your early careers talent are often ready for a customised personal development experience to complement their academic experience and professional training. 

All our solutions are designed and driven by Impact's unique experiential learning model, delivered by world-class facilitators, and constructed through our proprietary solution mapping process, which ensures a design that is customised to your organisational context and learning objectives.   


Our key principles are woven through every programme. They are designed to build on your emerging talent's academic and professional training, building personal ownership for their development, and so generating real and tangible outcomes for your business:

  • Ownership: Equipping future leaders with the skills, mindsets, and behaviours to drive their own learning and take responsibility for their development.  
  • Experience: Combining real-life experience with theory and expert facilitation. A blend of insights, action, dialogue, feedback, and reflection ensures our interventions are powerful and meaningful, maximising the transfer of learning.  
  • Relationships: Focusing on the attitudes and behaviours needed to develop relationships that will drive personal and business performance.  
  • Courage: Developing the courage in your future leaders to show up as their best selves, to stay open to learning, and to drive and lead change.  
  • Business relevance: Engaging your future leaders through development experiences that are clearly related to the workplace and environment so that they can easily apply their learning once back in the business.  

Our emerging talent programmes are aimed at high-potentials and early careers talent, graduates and apprentices.

These new generations enter a working world created by previous generations and are expected to fit in and conform. However things are changing radically in the labour market, in economies and in society and this new talent will have to lead us through those changes.

We need to move on from stereotyping age-groups, to working with individuals, enabling them to shape their own future and that of your organisation. We need to provide them with employment and development opportunities that nurture and harness their talents. Ultimately the rising generation of talent want the same things we have always wanted, to belong, to feel valued, to be challenged and to grow.

From future talent to executive leaders

You'll find more about our approach to leadership, examples of our graduate and future leader programmes and some of our current thinking on leadership below.

Graduate Development

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Graduate Development

Graduate development at Virgin Money

Secure and develop the future leadership pipeline

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