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Meet the team

Impact is bursting with energetic, talented and passionate people who want to make a difference. Our people work from over 30 global locations.

Magdalena Goc-Ryt, Consultant
Magdalena Goc-Ryt
Senior Consultant, Poland

Life is a path everyone makes on their own, but what happens if it crosses someone else’s? As a trainer and facilitator for over ten years, my focus has been on supporting people to untangle the complexity of communication and cooperation, and build a path that gives room to everyone in the team, in a variety or organisational structures. In my free time I love venturing outdoors with my husky dog and noticing the subtleties of nature.

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Alia Bojilova
New Zealand
Alia Bojilova
Consultant and Psychologist, New Zealand

I dedicate my time to working with leaders and teams in unlocking potential, strengthening alignment and in stimulating innovation, in a way that sees us surpass the visions we uphold.