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Meet the team

Impact is bursting with energetic, talented and passionate people who want to make a difference. Our people work from over 30 global locations.

Ryan McCabe, Impact Americas
Ryan McCabe
Consultant, Americas

I’m passionate about learning and helping people get the best out of themselves. I spent over 10 years in Learning & Development with a Fortune 15 company helping develop and deliver programs to Executives, Middle Management, and Aspiring Leaders from all different parts of the business. I believe that understanding and leveraging diversity is one of the biggest strengths of any organization and I really enjoy helping groups work towards that reality. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 daughters as well as rooting for any and all Philly sports teams. I also have a pretty sweet record collection.

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Dave Hardegger, Impact
New Zealand
Dave Hardegger
General Manager, New Zealand
Asia Lead - Solutions & Practice

I love what I do! Each day is so different and brings challenges, interactions, and rewards. In my different roles I get to lead, mentor, coach, create solutions, and deliver life-changing experiences. I’m lucky to be surrounded by amazing colleagues - whom I get to call friends. I relax by spending time in nature – usually with my loving family but with the occasional solo adventure as well!

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Senior Director - Client Services, Americas
Martin Smith
Senior Director - Client Services

I lead the overall relationship with our clients, working closely with them and our brilliant Impact team to build powerful solutions to their most pressing challenges. I’m a bit of an oddity - an Aerospace Engineer by training and experience who, for the last 20 years, has found my passion in helping others thrive at work.  I‘m based in Chicago with my wife, and when not running on the lakefront, I’m probably wrestling with an ornery cat.

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Itsuyo Watanabe(Barbara)
Itsuyo Watanabe(Barbara)
Director, Brand Enhancement Department, Japan

As a consultant, I like Impact's programmes because every one of our projects could make the participants think deeply about their issues in the workplace, and move forward for their business success. I am excited when exploring a solution for my clients' current and future business challenges. Besides my job, I like cooking, travelling, fine arts, musicals, Japanese KABUKI, opera etc.

Yasushi Igarashi, Impact International
Yasushi Igarashi(Yasu)
Safety Quality Controller, Master Coordinator, Japan

Before Joining Impact in 2002 I worked as an outdoor guide for nature tourism, kayaking and trekking in the ocean and forest. Using this experience, my strengths are in creating and coordinating programmes that provide learning experiences through outdoor activities. Beyond this role I wear several different hats, such as managing our website and managing H&S. Personally, I love to do challenging journeys by sea kayak and bike in many countries.

Magdalena Kwiatek, Senior Consultant
Magdalena Kwiatek
Senior Consultant, Poland

For over 22 years, as a consultant, coach and partner, I support leaders, teams and organizations in the process of change. I am an "educational gadget-head.", sharing what I learn with others, because of my passion for people development. Privately my husband and I run “No Kill” fishing-field, building a community of exceptional people.

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