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Large group events

Whether you are looking for a company-wide offsite, a conference for your sales team, or a strategic away day for regional representatives, Impact can deliver powerful, memorable, and developmental sessions that will set you up for success.

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Not just your standard conference

Are you ready to stage an event that leaves a lasting impression? At Impact, we understand the power of collective experience. Our large group learning sessions are meticulously designed to launch your strategies, engage leaders, and drive growth across your entire organisation.

Whether we work with you to design your whole event or to provide part of the experience, our interventions are custom designed for you, to empower your talent with unforgettable learning experiences, turbo charge your teams, and set you up for organisational success.

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Unforgettable learning experiences

Getting people together is a huge investment in both time and money. However, it’s also the best way to deliver key messages, fast track relationships, and make progress against your strategic priorities. If you’ve decided to commit to bringing a large group together you’re probably going to have to justify the ROI. Impact can help with that. Luckily, we know how to combine connection and fun with generating valuable outcomes. We have a track record delivering…

Strategic and cultural change: There's no better way to cascade a new strategy or cultivate culture than to gather people and engage them in the process. A big face-to-face event creates energy for change that will have long lasting ripple effects. 

High-performing team summits: Bringing teams from across your organisation together to catalyse a collective change in mindset and behaviours utilising Impact's TPI to chart the way.

Sales team conferences: Working with the entire global sales population, introducing high challenge experiences that ‘hold up the mirror’ to enabling and limiting approaches for sales performance.

Senior leader collaboration: Leadership workshops for events with your global senior leader population can help them consider their own role in current challenges and collaborate to get results.


Large group learning: Our events are more than just offsites; they are catalysts for change. By immersing your team in challenging scenarios, we help them discover their leadership qualities and the power of effective teamwork within their business context.

Global reach, local touch: Our global presence ensures we can bring together multiple teams or even whole companies for a shared learning experience, tailored to local needs.

Experiential learning: Our approach involves real-world challenges that translate knowledge into behaviour and foster lasting change. Our interventions are energetic and active, there’s no hiding at the back. Each participant gets a consistent experience, tailored to your business objectives and leaving them with tangible outcomes to take back to work.

"I worked with Impact in the organization of the HR&OI Unconvention. It was the first time that we gathered together the HR&OI community for an entire week defined “unconventional” – they were not aware of the full program, of the activities... of the locations…. A really not conventional situation for HR executives.

With Impact I hadn’t only a rock solid business partner, but also a family. They have been able to understand the context but also us as human beings and they have been able to guide us through all the phases of the project, with competences but also with flexibility and empathy. This is also the reason why Ferrero has chosen them as global reference in the organization of group events."

Sara Martinotti, Ferrero

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