Co-op is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, one of the world's largest consumer co-operatives and a leader in social enterprise. Impact challenged Co-op’s existing change process and co-created a collaborative and engaging way forward focusing on achieving and inspiring sustainable behaviour change across multiple levels.


The objective of Leading the Way was to involve colleagues in the change process, inviting them to creatively solve problems, engage with the reasons behind the change and open up space for a dialogue with senior leaders. The project aimed to capture the managers’ hearts and minds to inspire them to the lead the way for Co-op to become the number one convenience retailer in the UK.


The introduction of Impact’s new way of ‘doing change’ centred on honest conversations, to enable a coaching culture and focus on leadership action. The Leading the Way project combines large-scale events, skills workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions and forms one part of Co-op’s wider programme of transformation.


The new way of 'doing change’ received glowing feedback and the quarterly change events have been revolutionised:

  • 95% of evaluation respondents believe Impact’s delivery style is engaging.
  • 100% of participants now feel prepared to engage and brief their teams on the change messages.

Impact continue to work alongside Co-op to develop an innovative partnership and expand the reach of the Leading the Way principles.