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Modular Team Development Programme

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Teva Kutno SA is the Polish subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, a top 20 global pharmaceutical company. Impact Polska's team development event included interactive projects which involved the entire team and gave them a chance to put their learning into practice.

Teva Kutno wanted to translate their corporate vision, mission and values into everyday business practice across the organisation.

Following a detailed training needs analysis, Impact Polska designed a comprehensive modular team development event. 196 employees, including managers and representing every department of Teva, came together for the programme.

Immediate benefits noted in the engagement of employees are: improved cross-functional relationships, support of interdepartmental challenges and ownership of personal development.

Business improvement results include a higher level of participation in projects, increased innovation and ideas, increased productivity and greater attention to work quality.

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Cate Harris
Group Head of Sustainability & Global Head of Lendlease Foundation
"Lendlease Foundation’s Springboard program is a global program proven to generate remarkable outcomes"
"Coaching for Success is a very good topic which helps our managers increase their ability to coach and challenge."
Leading for Growth
Migros Bank
A lot has changed within my leadership style. I question my actions much more. I always try something new, I am much more courageous! I observe more consciously what is happening around me. I think about what I can improve and adjust details. I try to involve staff more in issues that concern them. In discussions, I listen actively and hopefully better, ask open questions, and to do all this much more consciously.