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Modular Team Development Programme

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Team Development


Teva Kutno SA is the Polish subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, a top 20 global pharmaceutical company. Impact Polska's team development event included interactive projects which involved the entire team and gave them a chance to put their learning into practice.

Teva Kutno wanted to translate their corporate vision, mission and values into everyday business practice across the organisation.

Following a detailed training needs analysis, Impact Polska designed a comprehensive modular team development event. 196 employees, including managers and representing every department of Teva, came together for the programme.

Immediate benefits noted in the engagement of employees are: improved cross-functional relationships, support of interdepartmental challenges and ownership of personal development.

Business improvement results include a higher level of participation in projects, increased innovation and ideas, increased productivity and greater attention to work quality.

See what our customers say about us
"I did not expect such a positive effect of remote training. I didn’t feel that this form of meeting hindered us or was an obstacle in the implementation of the training. Super."
Area Manager
“In 30 years of retail this has been the best change conference I’ve ever been to.”
Chris Ranger
Director of Services
"In summary, a fantastically positive outcome for the EMEA Services Management team. We have improved business performance and enabled sales to exceed their targets as well as services targets in terms of contract attachment, contract revenues and deferred revenues. All of this has been done within the true spirit of co-operation and respect for each other."