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'What's Next' Strategic Leadership Programme at RASMAG

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The RASMAG board and c ountry leaders recognised the need for a leadership programme that w ould support leaders as the organisation emerged from lockdown and attempted to navigate the post- pandemicworld.

Specifically, the need was for a solution that would support leaders to rebuild community across the Group and provide space for themto discuss thecompany’s strategic beliefs and plan for the business in the future.

Designed by Impact in collaboration with RASMAG, the 'What’s Next' journey was delivered to the international senior leadership team, which consists of 69 leaders based across six different European countries.

The programme intended to review ‘what’s next’ for the business emerging out of lockdown and to continue to develop the leadership community across the group (a process that started in September 2019).​

​The objectives of the programme were to:​

  • Rebuild community across the group​
  • Provide space for the senior leadership team to discuss what leadership will be required moving forward ​
  • Review the current business strategic beliefs ​
  • Identify any new business opportunities or threats to the business post-pandemic ​

The programme needed to be interactive and reflective, providing time and space to reunite, reflect, share best practice and ideas, and gain a wider perspective across the group. 

In response to the limiting conditions caused by the pandemic, the three-week programme consisted of a blend of virtual modules and safely managed face-to-face experiences in small groups.

After a virtual kick-off and introduction to the tools and communication methods, the participants met in small groups in different locations across Europe. Each participant received a map for an individual walk that led to an inspirational point, instructions, and an audio file to guide them on a journey of reflection. This element meant to give people a chance to disconnect from the technology and meet together for the first time in 2.5/3 months since the Lockdown and provide a reflective and inspirational space, time for themselves to re-energise. This was followed by paired peer coaching sessions.

The face-to-face work was complemented by a powerful set of virtual experiences, including cross-regional group work, and two guest speaker sessions, which gave participants the chance to hear two perspectives on leadership from both inside and outside of the company. CEO and Managing Partner of Ringier A G Marc Walder shared his experiences of leading through crisis and Hamish Wilson, founding director of Wasafiri, spoke about leadership in disaster zones.

The programme concluded with powerful virtual sessions on Leading Remotely and Leading in Uncertainty. During final ‘What’s next’ session, participants from all regions engaged in discussion, resulting in the creation of several possible scenarios for the organisation going forward, as well as catalysing further conversation and plans for action.

"We’ve been cooperating with Impact for several years, and it is incredible to see how we’ve developed as a team and each of us individually.​​

Workshops like 'What’s Next' give as all an opportunity to reflect on the journey we’ve gone on and on what’s ahead of us – in terms of our personal values, leadership and our business. Our business success is strongly linked to who we are and what we believe in, and that is why I value Impact’s approach so much.​

Transformation is continuous – it comes in waves, and it keeps getting faster and faster. This is why we need to develop our leaders continuously. In the times of covid-19, the world needs more flexible and compassionate leadership and Impact understands this very well."​

Mark Dekan, CEO Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

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Elena Jasvoin
CFO, Management Board Member
Ringier Axel Springer Polska
"We achieved all of what we wanted, and even more and largely thanks to the great design and organisational effort from the Impact team. I would very much recommend such a program: we felt that it is exactly what our teams need during this new for us time."
Julita Rudolf
Business Transformation Director Polska
Ringier Axel Springer Polska
"What I appreciate most about the 'What’s Next' journey is the time to reflect and learn from my peers. We’ve been guided through self-reflection, talked about the leadership that is needed now in dispersed groups, and discussed market changes. It has been a very powerful experience, especially now, when we all are facing new situations because of covid- 19."