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Leadership capability at Premier Farnell

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Building an inspirational leadership culture was identified as an area of opportunity and improvement in an employee survey at Premier Farnell.

Their CEO chose to engage Impact because of our global ability to partner with them to develop leadership capability and capacity within the company. This modular series of experiential learning programmes helped to provide opportunities for leaders at all levels and to future-proof the current and future challenges of the business.

Impact worked closely with Premier Farnell to design and deliver a modular suite of experiential learning programmes called One Extra Degree.

The aims of the One Extra Degree programmes were to:

  • Provide a strong foundation of leadership skills using a consistent approach and language.
  • Build behaviours aligned with a competency framework.
  • Emphasise the ‘cultural’ and ‘strategic’ requirements of a leader at Premier Farnell.

Each module was underpinned by the aim of developing people's capacity for inspiring and engaging leadership to meet current and future business needs.

Impact worked in partnership with Premier Farnell globally, developing key relationships with regional teams who could adapt the programmes for local needs.

The programmes covered important leadership areas such as personal effectiveness, the ability to lead teams through change and being effective coaches and developers of others.

The modules provided a mix of real experiential projects – from business simulations to community partner projects such as helping Food Shelter's initiative in downtown Chicago or organising a party at a centre for terminally ill children – together with pragmatic skills workshops.

One Extra Degree programme has delivered 110 modules in five different languages to over 400 managers over three levels – first-line managers, operational leaders and strategic leaders. 

Impact and Premier Farnell undertook a rigorous evaluation process to gauge the project's return on investment. We analysed 96 programmes worth of data and surveyed a sample population of 100 managers.

87% of managers stated that the programmes directly benefited their work.

There has been an average 32% increase in people's leadership capability in designated areas (determined by key programme objectives).

86% of line managers indicated that they had seen a positive change in their leaders due to attending the One Extra Degree programmes.

The evaluation process also indicated areas where the programmes could be even more effective. As a result, programme developments included introducing an online learning centre, increased pace of progressing participants through modules and more frequent reporting and evaluation of the process.

See what our customers say about us
Michael Esau
Organisational Development Manager
Premier Farnell
"Premier Farnell has undertaken a significant business transformation over the last five years. The development of our leaders through the One Extra Degree programme has played a significant role in helping to shape the culture of our organisation, whilst contributing to the realisation of our high performance journey and the development of our trust agenda."
Programme participant
Premier Farnell
"The programme’s combination of personal experiences, the trust with the team, the communtiy project, the sense of accomplishment and most of all the feedback in a trusting environment – has helped me to be a better leader."