PLAY are one of the largest cellular telecommunications operators in Poland. Due to PLAY’s rapid expansion, the company recognised a need to strengthen and share their organisational culture and values and build a cohesive competency framework.


In 2009 PLAY asked Impact to design and deliver a comprehensive training programme that would focus on core competencies to support the development of 70 key managers.

This initial project, Challenger, needed to build an agreed understanding of the importance and role of competencies in the face of current business challenges and to translate them into practical actions.


Challenger was a modular programme focusing on PLAY's organisational competencies. Impact consultants facilitated workshops, led dialogue and provided ongoing support through participant coaching. Then PLAY invited Impact to design and deliver an additional two-year PLAY for Future Academy dedicated to the 250 managers to develop their leadership skills.


‘Over our three year collaboration with Impact, the Challenger and Play for Future Academy programmes have enabled employees to introduce PLAY to the next level of business development […].

Thanks to the development of key competencies, our managers are able to build and implement strategy with great understanding.'

Malgorzata Bartler, HR Director