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Culture change at PLAY

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PLAY are one of the largest cellular telecommunications operators in Poland. Due to PLAY’s rapid expansion, the company recognised a need to strengthen and share their organisational culture and values and build a cohesive competency framework.

Impact Polska began working with PLAY in 2009, just as their organisational growth had established them as the fourth key mobile operator in the Polish market.

Due to PLAY’s rapid expansion, the company recognised a need to strengthen and share their organisational culture and values and build a cohesive competency framework. This model needed to become a link between people and performance, setting a universal benchmark for all employees of the expected attitudes and behaviours that would serve to support PLAY’s aims and objectives for current and future business challenges.

PLAY asked Impact to design and deliver a comprehensive training programme that would focus on core competencies to support the development of 70 key managers.

This initial project needed to build an agreed understanding of the importance and role of competencies in the face of current business challenges and to translate them into practical actions.

Challenger is an extensive development programme that Impact have created in partnership with PLAY. Challenger is a modular programme focusing on PLAY organisational competencies. Impact consultants facilitate workshops, lead dialogue and provide ongoing support through participant coaching.

The success of the six-month Challenger project and its’ superb perception by the participants resulted in PLAY inviting Impact to design and deliver an additional two-year programme.

PLAY for Future Academy was launched in 2010 with the key aims of:

  • Developing managers’ leadership skills
  • Increasing business awareness
  • Accelerating knowledge sharing throughout the organisation

The 250 members of PLAY’s management staff are scheduled to take part. To ensure the most effective learning process for such a diverse audience, the programme works across three groups – Key Players, Business Leaders and PLAY Managers. Each group has a bespoke development programme, which is delivered by Impact with inputs from ICAN Institute, the exclusive partner of Harvard Business Publishing in Poland.

Programme benefits

Impact’s detailed needs analysis led to the development of programmes in which all interventions were created for their participants leadership stage and for their place within the organisation.

Challenger feedback showed that the programme helped participants to understand and behave in accordance with PLAY’s organisational competencies model. Participants agreed that each module added value to their work and helped them see how are they behaving as leaders and how they are seen by their co-workers.

PLAY for Future Academy modules allowed participants the opportunity to reflect over their leadership style and techniques. Each module deepened their understanding of their role and equipped them with the knowledge to improve their performance. Feedback showed that leaders attending these modules increased their efficiency as organisational leaders.

Impact Polska have worked across the PLAY organisation helping to identify individual leadership techniques to increase self-efficiency and providing practical tools to effectively manage people. Impact have supported PLAY in creating a cohesive corporate culture and thus strengthening their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Malgorzata Bartler
HR Director
Over our three year collaboration with Impact, the Challenger and Play for Future Academy programmes have enabled employees to introduce PLAY to the next level of business development. From our start-up phase we have moved on to growing the business, but have kept our focus on development, innovation and efficiency of both the organisation and our costs. Thanks to the development of key competencies, our managers are able to build and implement strategy with great understanding.