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Fast Forward leadership development programme at Sony

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Sony Music Entertainment is a global record music company that is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

Impact partner with Sony Music to design and deliver the Fast Forward Leadership Development Programme. This programme is aimed at key talent across Sony Music (with some participation from Sony Pictures). 

The focus is on developing the leadership presence to inspire one's self and others, developing the entrepreneurial skills and mindset to deliver against the current and future strategic objectives for SME.

This programme won an internal Sony Award for Innovation in 2011, and is continuing from strength to strength in 2012.

See what our customers say about us
Caren Schadel
Chief HR Officer
BAI Communications
“The Dare to Lead programme is a core component of our strategy to develop our leaders across the organisation and build on our culture for ongoing development. We are very pleased with the results we have seen from the programme to date.”
Malgorzata Bartler
HR Director
"Over our three year collaboration with Impact, the Challenger and Play for Future Academy programmes have enabled employees to introduce PLAY to the next level of business development. From our start-up phase we have moved on to growing the business, but have kept our focus on development, innovation and efficiency of both the organisation and our costs. Thanks to the development of key competencies, our managers are able to build and implement strategy with great understanding."
Peter Reynolds
Director, Communications
"I was quite sceptical about the merits of a programme like this so approached it with some reservations. However, right from the start I enjoyed the whole experience. It was challenging mentally, physically and emotionally and I found I was stretched in every direction. As a result, I learned a lot about myself but also about my colleagues, most of whom I was meeting for the first time."