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Team development at BP

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Team Development


BP is one of the world's seven "supermajor" oil and gas companies. Impact worked with BP Asia Pacific peer groups to maximise opportunities by examining and agreeing the key elements needed to become high performing teams.

As part of a major change initiative within BP, country peer group leadership teams from Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand were formed to maximise opportunities and create a business that truly goes beyond boundaries.

Impact were engaged to help these BP Asia Pacific teams to embrace the core values and take a further step in becoming high performing teams.

Impact worked in partnership with BP Asia Pacific Lubricants to design and deliver a six-step 'High Performing Team' journey for the peer groups of the five key countries in Asia Pacific.

A flexible country-specific approach provided the framework that lasted up to six months. This flexibility was key to getting buy-in from participants and ultimately to the success of the programme.

Made up of leaders, functional heads and technical experts, the peer groups had all the ingredients for success but needed guidance and input to bring it all together.

Through a highly interactive process of facilitation, coaching, feedback, experiential projects and review, they examined and agreed the key elements needed to become high performing teams; an agreed purpose, working approach and goals, and a deep commitment to each others' success and personal growth.

"This was an excellent program, tailored to meet the needs of our key countries in Asia Pacific. It has laid the foundation for each country peer group to develop as a high performing team exhibiting both the appropriate behaviours and competencies. Through Impact's highly effective and engaging style, each leadership team has now formulated a clear and well-defined road map to commit to and implement." 

Mandir Singh, HR Director, BP Asia Pacific Lubricants

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Mark Dekan
CEO Ringier Axel Springer Polska; CEO Ringier Axel Springer Media AG
Ringier Axel Springer Polska
"Working with Impact is a great experience and leadership journey for all managers. By drilling leadership situations down to their essence we gain wisdom through reflection. I see my team grow after every session making me very proud.”
Armelle Savidan
Global Learning Manager
Forvia Faurecia
“Drive is the cornerstone of Faurecia’s cultural & leadership transformation. Curiosity, creativity and developing acts of leadership are critical to building the future.”
Clare Rice
Team Leader
"The team have come a long way since we started our journey. I’m happy to say they are a productive, settled and fun team to work with and I’ve enjoyed my time with them. We worked on the areas the TPI report highlighted for us, we spent time on developing our relationships – and we grew more respectful of each other. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to gain those insights and improve our service.”