OSRAM is one of the leading light manufacturers in the world, with more than 24,000 employees worldwide. Impact's partnership with OSRAM began in 2012, and resulted in two ongoing leadership programmes.


In 2012 OSRAM began a partnership with Impact to develop the required leadership capability and capacity to help transform their business. In 2017 the ALP programme was re-designed by Impact to align with Osram’s changing business landscape. 


OSRAM and Impact have designed the following programmes for leaders at different stages in their careers:

  • Senior Leadership Programme (SLP): for leaders who report to OSRAM’s top management
  • Advanced Leadership Programme (ALP) for middle management level

Evaluation scores from SLP/ALP 2016 and 2017 show:

93% believe their participation will benefit the business

97% say it will benefit them personally

98% have found the learning journey with Impact to be of value

93% would recommend the programme to colleagues and the rest of the business