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Transformational leadership programme with Oshkosh Corporation

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Oshkosh Corporation is a leading innovator of mission-critical vehicles and equipment. Their aim is to partner with customers to deliver superior solutions that safely and efficiently move people and materials at work, around the globe and around the clock.

In order to confront the business challenges of today and shape tomorrow’s solutions, Oshkosh understood a paradigm shift was necessary to evolve the organisation's leadership culture.

As part of the organisation's talent strategy, leadership recognised the need to raise self-awareness of director-level leaders towards understanding what it takes to engage, develop and connect others. Equally important was to embed and cascade Oshkosh’s behavioural competencies.

The Lens of Leadership programme was created expressly for Oshkosh as a five-month development experience for directors that supports the evolution of Oshkosh’s leadership culture from one of ‘Tell and Execute’ to a ‘People-Focused First Leadership Brand’.

To date, 350+ directors and above have participated in the Lens of Leadership journey.

Critical to the success of the learning intervention was the increase in Oshkosh leaders’ ability to lead in a people-focused leadership style, define a common understanding of what it means to lead at Oshkosh and embed People First Behaviours across the business.

The main objectives of the learning journey were for leaders to:

  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Build a strong sense of self-awareness
  • Coach and develop people
  • Encourage innovation and inclusion
  • Align the organisation
  • Successfully facilitate change
  • Drive strategic thinking

Lens of Leadership, is a five-month learning journey spread across six days and two face-to-face modules, with pre/post-work and an inter-module virtual bridge session. It is anchored to Oshkosh’s behaviours and competencies to ensure seamless implementation and maximum scalability.

Module One involves an Immersive Leadership Challenge (ILC), designed around an Oshkosh business challenge. Participants work on this in real time, confronting derailers and other challenges. Through simulated ‘real play’ scenarios, they receive real-time peer feedback and coaching.

During the inter-module bridge session, participants receive coaching, discuss ongoing development and attend the Module Two webinar kickoff.

The focus of Module Two is Executive DX, an immersive leader simulation designed to increase self-awareness, highlighting strengths and blind spots. It provides participants with an opportunity to gain deeper awareness of their leadership brand.

Peer consulting is a red thread woven throughout the programme design, which enables participants to apply the learning and insights of the programme to address their local challenges.

8.2 Net Promotor Score (NPS)

93% of participants rated the ILC excellent

89% of participants found the coaches to be great

84% of participants agreed that they gained relevant and valuable leadership skills and knowledge from the modules

The program was recognized by Chief Learning Officer magazine where it was awarded a Silver for Excellence in Content at the 2019 Learning in Practice Awards.

“Created new cross-function relationships, which is fantastic. Great to see a new approach to leading and learning, very much worth the time spent – most challenging/exhilarating career training event I have ever attended in my 32-year career.” 

Program  Participant 

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Mads Ingholt
Manager, Group Leadership Development
“We believe that to take on leadership is as much to embark upon a challenging personal development journey as it is a formal career step; a sine qua non in the development of leadership capabilities is therefore the individual’s hunger for personal challenge and development.”
Jaap de Vries
Vice President of Human Resources
“To develop senior middle managers into real leaders requires a journey which takes them out of their personal comfort zone to unleash their potential. At Borealis we are convinced that the return on this investment is contributing to our successful achievement of strategy.”
Learning Technology Award 2020 Judges
Morgan Advanced Materials
“The use of experiential, challenge-led methodologies and the continual focus on sustainability goals and the SDGs creates an exceptionally forward thinking and effective framework to embed learning and tackle real challenges simultaneously in this blended pathway. Overall – very impressive!”