West LB is a European commercial bank based in Düsseldorf in Germany. Impact, in partnership with West LB, designed a three-day ‘Focusing on the Future’ input, to engage and stretch the graduates whilst encouraging them to drive their own learning.


West LB put their graduates through an intensive eight-week development programme. Impact was approached to deliver part of this programme, positioned in the first week of their employment with the bank. The Impact module was to act as the springboard for the graduates’ ongoing personal and professional development.  


The programme included a series of projects designed to provide the graduates with opportunities to explore aspects of leadership, team working and individual feedback sessions.


"The graduates have been very enthusiastic about their experience: the content, the learning and the professionalism of the facilitators. The Impact programme encouraged participation and ongoing honest feedback and this has resulted in a self-aware group of young professionals, with personal strategies to use going forward when managing themselves and their relationships within the Bank." - Tabitha Beaven, Learning, Development and Graduate Recruitment Manager