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Springboard Tasman Peninsula is Lendlease Foundation’s flagship program that supports their people in reaching their full potential through participation in an intensive five-day personal development program.

A key focus of the program is partnering with the Tasman Peninsula community in the South East of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

During 2014-18 approximately 1,000 Lendlease employees from around the world participated in the Springboard Tasman Peninsula program.

As Lendlease’s design and delivery partner on Springboard, Impact facilitate the program and create opportunities for Springboard delegates to work with local community groups on projects to help build the economic sustainability of the region; from enhancing the existing capabilities of the local community to support tourism, to improving facilities, and providing skills and training to community members.

Lendlease Foundation was established in 1983 with the long-term goal to support social responsibility both internally to employees as well as the community by:

  • Enriching the lives of employees and their families
  • Aiding charities and communities where we have involvement
  • Inspiring interest in the activities of Lendlease

The Springboard Tasman Peninsula program supports Lendlease Foundation’s above goals through the development of a meaningful partnership between Lendlease and the Tasman Peninsula community designed to leave a long lasting positive social legacy.

Springboard is a five-day multi-faceted personal development program that involves personal reflection, facilitated learning and direct community engagement.

Springboard program sessions were designed to incorporate evidence-based practices that help people make lasting changes in their lives.

The program is built on the foundation of Positive Psychology research and includes Strengths-Based Development, Recovery tools and Awareness practices.

Informed by current research, Springboard is a cutting edge example of how theory and research can be implemented in a practical environment.

The Springboard Tasman Peninsula community partnership is intended to enhance the sustainable development of the community and provide a meaningful, consequential learning environment for delegates to work on their own personal development.

Post program work is also a vital part of the Springboard program for measurement and reporting and contributes to the longevity of Springboard and to delegates own goal attainment success.

The Springboard Tasman Peninsula program has generated over $20 million in social and economic outcomes for Lendlease delegates, local community volunteers and businesses, as shown in the below graph. This represents a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of around $3.60 for every $1 invested in its activities.

Social Return on Investment (SROI): $20.1 million


The above figures were generated for the period of FY14 to FY16 using the SROI (Social Return on Investment) Methodology which is a framework for measuring and accounting for the social, economic and environmental value resulting from a program.

The Tasman Peninsula Springboard SROI Summary Report featuring the above results was independently assured by Social Value International, see below link.

“My outlook both professionally and personally changed dramatically and I implemented this immediately after I returned due to the skills and confidence I gained at Springboard - Thank you”

Springboard Participant

See what our customers say about us
Cate Harris
Group Head of Sustainability
“Springboard Tasman Peninsula is a personal development program. An intensive 5-day program all aimed at helping our people reach their full potential. It also involves a very unique community engagement component where we work with and for the community where we operate Springboard to leave a long lasting positive social legacy”
“My outlook both professionally and personally changed dramatically and I implemented this immediately after I returned due to the skills and confidence I gained at Springboard - Thank you”
Community Volunteer
“Springboard has personally helped me integrate into my community and get to know a lot of the locals who are now firm friends. It has helped me share my skills with the community and the local youth”