Alleanza Assicurazioni is an Italian insurance company based in Milan. The arrival of a new General Manager (GM) to Alleanza Assicurazioni brought a need to revisit the performance and potential of the workforce, with a focus on the middle managers and sales supervisors.

Impact Italia initially conducted a leadership development programme for the top team, as a first step to building a strategic coalition for the newly appointed GM.


The Experiential Development Centre (EDC) would:

  • Provide the GM with objective information about managerial capacity
  • Help individual managers to understand their strengths and development areas
  • Create an organisational development plan for managerial improvement

The main goal of our three-day EDC was not only to assess the managers' competencies but also to focus on their motivation to take responsibility for their own development and performance improvement. Some of the elements included in the EDC included: role playing, sales presentations, critical reasoning, in-basket exercises and psychometric measurement. Critical to the success of the EDC was our detailed feedback session that included personal development planning.


The project was highly rated by the organisation and the original audience was extended to include the sales supervisor population of the company. Over three years, Impact delivered the EDC and developed individual PDPs with 400 employees within Alleanza Assicurazioni.