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Leadership team development at ICVA

Winter abstracts


The International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) worked with Impact following a period of restructuring and strategic appointments. Our work built collaborative relationships, brought clarity to new roles, identified a clear organisational strategy and established responsibilities.

As part of its triennial General Assembly, ICVA had appointed a new chair and created a board to oversee activities. The executive director, appointed one year earlier, and chair recognised that the board needed to build personal relationships to enable them to work effectively. Clarifying the relationships with the ICVA secretariat led by the executive director and establishing formal roles and responsibilities would also allow them to provide effective governance and leadership to ICVA.

Impact worked with ICVA to facilitate a retreat for the board with senior staff. The retreat brought together board members from all over the world representing major humanitarian relief organisations.

Impact provided a mix of business facilitation and strategic inputs to support the board in creating their own agreement on how they would collectively provide governance to ICVA and how to hold themselves individually and as a group to account.

During the retreat, the board and key leaders within ICVA confronted current challenges, discussed what the future of the organisation needed to achieve and dealt with the practicalities of delivering their organisational strategy.

The impact of the retreat was quickly felt across ICVA. The board created clarity across the organisation about their governance role, identified their immediate strategic priorities, and became a group of very engaged members providing support and guidance to the wider ICVA network.

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Ed Schenkenberg
Executive Director
International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)
"Impact listened very carefully to our expectations and thoughts on the objectives and desired outcome of the retreat and developed the agenda accordingly. They also provided us with the right man for the job of facilitating the retreat as he knew exactly when to come in and step back in moving the discussions forward."