Ericsson Market Unit South East Europe (MUSEE) is part of the Ericsson group. Ericsson provide telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally. Ericsson MUSEE worked with Impact to develop a new way to incentivise its talents’ growth and to identify the potential future leaders.


The creation of a learning frame has aimed to allow participants to:

- be emotionally committed in a challenging experience

- reflect on their own behaviour

- focus their attention on personal development as well as the career development


Impact Italia and Ericsson MUSEE worked in partnership to create an innovative and challenging programme focusing on personal and professional development.


“This new programme has been a huge success. Participants were deeply engaged, have achieved awareness and motivation by asking themselves: who am I? What do I want to change and/or realise? The majority of them have said that has been an unforgettable growth opportunity they have ever been part of."

Piero Beltrame Human Resource devolpment MU Sud Est Europa