Leadership at the International Organisation for Migration

Field Operations - 2005 Pakistan Earthquake Mission


The aftermath of one of the world’s worst natural disasters caused nearly 80,000 deaths and over three million people to become homeless. The national and global response was overwhelmed by the needs of people living in remote mountain areas soon to be enduring a harsh winter.


Impact seconded two senior consultants to the International Organisation for Migration, which was acting as lead agency for the emergency shelter operation as part of the United Nation’s response. They were deployed to two of the hardest hit districts of Pakistan, Batagram and Balakot.


The IOM offices of Batagram and Balakot were among two of the most important of the IOM emergency shelter operations contributing to:

  • The distribution of approximately 100,000 tents
  • The construction of 40,000 temporary shelters
  • The distribution of 100,000 sheets of corrugated iron
  • Meeting the needs of more than 500,000 people.