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Leadership development at CPP Investments

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CPP Investments operates in a complex global environment in which competition for top investments, platforms and talent is increasingly challenging. In the face of such complexity, CPP Investments worked with Impact to create INSPIRE and LEAD, two custom-designed solutions delivering targeted business outcomes for selected managing director and director populations.

Their objective was to develop talent and exceptional leadership to maintain a distinctive culture for CPP Investments in 2020 and beyond.

Two highly experiential, real issues- based, live/virtual blended solutions were designed to create threaded development experiences anchored to CPP Investments’ Enterprise Leadership model.

As part of the organizational analysis, Impact conducted interviews with the CEO and senior managing directors. The results underpinned the design of both development solutions and identified recurring themes; Enterprise Thinking, Innovation, Effective Communication and Developing Talent.

The objective of the programs was to foster a consistent approach to leadership development that provides the managing director and director populations with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to increase their leadership effectiveness.

As such, both programs are grounded in the 70-20-10 learning model to ensure sustainable learning. In order to align with CPP Investments’ Enterprise Leadership model, both INSPIRE and LEAD provide participants with the tools and frameworks to enhance:

  • Enterprise Thinking: Inspire participants to think and contribute beyond their own area of expertise
  • Innovation: Build skills to enable and lead innovation across the organization
  • Effective Communications: Develop skills to communicate a compelling vision at all levels of the organization
  • Develop Talent: Inspire participants to proactively apprentice, coach and grow talent across the organization

Participants were provided with opportunities to build skills around effective leadership, executive presence, organizational knowledge, stakeholder management and high-performance team dynamics. To achieve this, they were challenged to nurture deeper self-awareness and a collaborative, innovative, agile and growth mindset.

Strong emphasis was placed on feedback, experiential learning and networking.

INSPIRE: a nine-month learning journey spread across two modules and six days with pre-/post-work and one inter-module bridge session. MDs served as executive sponsors for the 12-week LEAD Action Learning Project

The latest INSPIRE cohort includes immersive installation rooms taking participants on journeys that are uniquely created to inspire, shock and amuse them through the socialization of learning.

LEAD: a nine-month learning journey spread across eight days, three face-to-face modules and two inter-module bridge sessions facilitated virtually. LEAD also features a 12-week Action Learning Project.

The programs delivered breakthrough experiences that created positive and meaningful behavioural change.

Brandon Hall recognised the success of both programmes by awarding them a Gold award for Best Advance in Leadership Development

2018 Brandon Hall Gold Award CPP Investments.png






Chief Learning Officer (CLO) also recognised the success of the programme by giving out a Bronze Award for Excellence in Content category. CLO was impressed with the immersive installation rooms that Impact now delivers for the virtual world as Inscape Rooms.


  • 96% of participants rated the program as excellent to good
  • 85% of participants would recommend INSPIRE to a colleague
  • 97% of participants rated the coaches as excellent to great
  • 82% of participants agreed that they gained relevant and valuable leadership skills and knowledge


  • 92% of participants rated the program as excellent to good
  • 86% of participants would recommend LEAD to a colleague
  • 92% of participants rated the coaches as excellent to great
  • 80% of participants agreed that they gained relevant and valuable leadership skills and knowledge
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