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Inscape rooms

Inscape Rooms are immersive virtual learning experiences that are uniquely designed to meet the challenges your business is facing. Enter the Rooms and find a series of powerful virtual spaces that excite and energise your capacity to learn.

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About Inscape Rooms

The new normal is challenging organisational agility, strategy and leadership. A new approach is needed to accelerate learning to match the pace of change.

Inscape Rooms create a space to move people, build leadership agility, share ideas, change mindsets, launch strategies, and create tomorrow. The only limit is your imagination.

Whether you explore individually, as a team, or as a whole organisation, Inscape Rooms have been designed to help organisations change at pace and at scale.

From the lobby, choose a unique journey and get lost in the possibilities of what you might find.



Unique encounters that compel interaction

Inscape Rooms combine 40+ years of award-winning experiential learning and ten+ years of digital learning expertise to create a powerful virtual learning methodology. They accelerate learning by integrating the social, emotional and intellectual dimensions of any organisational challenge into transformative experiences.

Green Fields

Upon entering Inscape Rooms, you will find yourself in the lobby. From here, navigate towards your first experience by clicking on a faces of the spinning shape and exploring the Room within. Hosted on a dynamic virtual platform, there is no set path; every visit will be unique depending on the route you take and where you focus your time and energy.

The Inscape Rooms form the beating heart of the Inscape experience. Each Room will be uniquely designed to challenge, support, excite, inspire, and energise your capacity to learn and change. In some Rooms you will complete tasks, others will provoke reflection, and some will be meeting places for discussion. The possibilities are endless. Custom Room designs allow mass engagement and contribution on issues and challenges critical to your business.

Inscape Rooms create moments that will inspire and moments that will challenge, moments for reflection and moments for imagining the future. Whatever the journey taken, people leave Inscape Rooms feeling energised, provoked and ready for action.