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Leadership development at BAI Communications

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BAI Communications designs builds and operates communications networks – broadcast, radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, and digital – keeping people connected across the globe. The Dare to Lead programme develops key talent in the business to help people achieve sustainable personal and organisational results. In its first year alone, fifty leaders, including the Global CEO, have completed the program.

BAI has a commitment, driven from the top, to place customers and the community at the heart of what they do, and achieving this by committing to excellence, innovation, collaboration and robust leadership.

A Leadership Framework has been developed which sets out the necessary behaviours in people to be able to deliver on this commitment. The Dare to Lead programme aims to develop the ability in its leaders to bring to life and role model these behaviours.

Fifty leaders in the Australian business, including the Global CEO and GM team, have completed the programme to date.

The Dare to Lead programme enables and embeds the long-term leadership behaviour change required at BAI by inspiring managers and leaders, developing their confidence in order to get the best from themselves and their teams and whilst also building a culture of empowerment, support, and challenge within the organisation.

Participants of Dare to Lead embark on a three-module 12-18 month long journey to develop leadership effectiveness through dialogue, coaching, high-performing teams and organisational change.

The programme effectively combines a series of core elements, including:

  • Pre-work prior to each module comprises of critical self-reflection, a team and leadership diagnostic tool (Impact’s Team Performance Inventory), and the collection of personal feedback from friends, family and colleagues.
  • Three offsite face-to-face, highly immersive experiential learning modules. Which explores and develops leadership effectiveness through dialogue and coaching, team performance and embracing change.
  • Re-run of diagnostic tools and feedback collection in-between modules two and three to compare and contrast development and progress.
  • Full evaluation including follow-up surveys to gauge traction of learning and real business and personal application.

First piloted in November 2015, over 50 leaders in the Australian business gained value from the completion of the Dare to Lead program, including the Global CEO and General Manager teams.

Evaluation data shows:

  • 48% average increase in individual’s knowledge, skills and awareness of key objectives
  • 72% of participants stating they use their learning from the programme at least fortnightly
  • 92% of participants would 92% strongly recommend this programme
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Caren Schadel
Chief HR Officer
BAI Communications
“The Dare to Lead programme is a core component of our strategy to develop our leaders across the organisation and build on our culture for ongoing development. We are very pleased with the results we have seen from the programme to date.”