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Developing partnerships and collaborations at Street Football World

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streetfootballworld are a global not-for-profit organisation that links relevant actors in the field of development through football. A key part of streetfootballworld’s mandate is to create collaboration and partnerships across sectors, countries and organisations as a route to delivering greater social change.

Impact worked with streetfootballworld and Sony to create an event for senior leaders from a cross section of organisations who work on development through sport initiatives.

The key challenges for the event were to build the personal, institutional and strategic relationships that would allow effective collaboration and also to generate clear projects for bi- and multi-lateral working.

Over two days Impact facilitators led a programme that used a mixture of structured dialogue, powerful shared experiences, informal networking, outdoor encounters and business facilitation to enable and support decision making and dialogue.

Through this process leaders were able to share honestly and constructively the blocks and barriers to collaboration, whilst exploring and defining practical ways of working together to increase the social impact this growing sector can have.

The offsite event led to the creation of ‘The Briery Coalition’, which acts to drive active collaboration within the sector. The coalition are now working on a number of shared projects covering issues such as creating best practice monitoring and evaluation, effective corporate engagements and exerting a policy level influence.

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Roy White
HR Head, Global Sales & Marketing, Sony
‘When Sony decided to sponsor the FIFA World Cup we were keen to try to do something different with the sponsorship. Our ongoing partnership with streetfootballworld has been one of the outcomes of this desire. In all of this work we have partnered with Impact in ensuring that we get the best out of the partnership with some amazing results. Impact have enabled our most talented people to develop real leadership skills through their engagements with streetfootballworld partners.’