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Leadership development at Aviva

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Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK, with 59,000 employees serving around 45 million customers worldwide. As part of Aviva’s Leadership Academy programme, Impact partnered with Aviva to deliver a CSR-based project.

As part of Aviva’s Leadership Academy programme at CEDEP Business School, Impact partnered with Aviva to deliver a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based project.

The learning intervention was designed to enable participants to personally connect to Aviva’s values and purpose whilst reinforcing the global nature of the business by bringing people from around the world together for a powerful shared experience.

This type of experience also facilitates a swift transition from the business into a learning mindset, allowing participants to let go of the urgent and begin to focus on the important.

Impact designed a Community Development project that provided a real challenge with the following tangible outcomes:

  • Providing a powerful experience to develop relationships quickly
  • Highlighting the wide variety of personal learning styles
  • Delivering a successful project for a community partner whilst providing an opportunity for leaders to ‘live’ Aviva’s values
  • Creating a learning context that will be explored further on the leadership programme.

Impact France identified the Fondation Mouvement pour les Villages d'Enfants as the ideal Community Partner. They are a government-funded organisation providing temporary housing and care for vulnerable children. Various roles were required to enhance the community site, including improving outdoor play areas, constructing play equipment and installing a library inside. The group were also required to film a documentary about their task.

The programme commenced with Impact using individual learning styles and experiential projects to engage participants immediately upon arrival from their global offices. Day two saw Aviva employees working on the community partner site, with Impact providing both technical expertise and facilitation around learning styles.

The successful programme provided a high-energy start to the Aviva Leadership Academy programme. The DVD produced on the programme reflects Aviva’s global commitment to communities.

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Adam Eaton
Director of Group Management
"These experiential development projects deliver significant benefit; connectivity to the company’s purpose, ‘prosperity and peace of mind’, a tangible sense of well- being and rapid team formation. Impact have delivered some extremely well organised projects that have had a very beneficial effect on the local community.”