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Managers Development Programme

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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services with more than 190,000 team members worldwide and present in over 40 countries.

Due to continued commercial success and rapid growth, Capgemini Australia recognised the need to strengthen internal engagement and ensure skilful dialogue between their team members. Impact International were chosen to design and deliver a suite of coaching-based programs.

Enhance People Developers (leaders and managers) and team members’ capabilities by:

  1. Equipping them with highly practical coaching and challenging skills, enabling them to have more effective conversations and open dialogue at any given time.
  1. Developing their confidence to have structured conversations and their ability to give and receive feedback.

Two key programs were developed under the ‘Engage’ initiative.

  1. An in-depth 2-day program, accessible to all People Developers.
  2.  Bite-size half-day version of the program available to all team members.

The programs included:

  • Theoretical and practical inputs to provide a foundation of coaching and challenging skills
  • Opportunities to coach - and to be coached - on real business issues/opportunities
  • Building the confidence, willingness and motivation to have regular coaching conversations and constructively manage the performance of others
  • Building an effective toolkit of techniques that they can apply immediately to everyday coaching and challenging situations with team members

The bite-size program has been rolled out to over 180 participants and the two-day version to 50 participants.

19% Increase in People Developers (Leaders & Managers) ability to engage & empower team members

39% Increase in ability to undertake effective coaching conversations

33% Increase in ability and confidence to give feedback to others

37% Increase in effectiveness when challenging others

Thoughts from participants: 

‘I can now more effectively, provide support and coaching in conversations to help my colleagues and achieve desired outcomes.’

‘The program has helped me realise the advantages of being in listening mode rather than solution/telling mode. I will approach the problem/situation more prepared and spend time in understanding the correct situation before identifying the options or even recommending one.’

‘The facilitators are first class (in particular) very informative, very engaging and honest in their approach and feedback.’

See what our customers say about us
Chris Ranger
Director of Services
"In summary, a fantastically positive outcome for the EMEA Services Management team. We have improved business performance and enabled sales to exceed their targets as well as services targets in terms of contract attachment, contract revenues and deferred revenues. All of this has been done within the true spirit of co-operation and respect for each other."
Nicola Pozatti
HR Director
“For us, the first important result is that 20% of the programme participants had achieved a Top Management position within six months. Furthermore all participants have developed a new cooperative way of working thus helping the company to overcome interdepartmental barriers. We really appreciate Impact’s flexibility as well as their ability to manage a complex programme following both individual and organisational needs.”
Stephen Mason
Group Finance Director
"I am writing to say a big thank you for taking the time to give your excellent presentation to HCT’s chief officers. The succinct analysis that you produced of HCT and the challenges of its management team has given us some clear pointers and has focused thought processes. Our Chief Executive, declared the experience ‘Excellent!’.”